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The fact is very simple.  I had a not great time in France.  There were glorious moments, and I have some golden memories, but Tammy and I are not temperamentally suited to travel together.  This is more a reflection on me than Tammy and I’m not being sarcastic.

As a result I have a marked disinclination to write about my travels in any more detail than I have already, and when I found myself sobbing at the prospect of resizing my pictures so I could post them, I realized that I just need to calm down and look forward to the immense pile of work that awaits me today, which I am doing, because I am so glad I’m not on vacation any more that words can’t cover it.

The weekend was shaping up to be a right disaster too (crying jags and jet lag), but we went for breakfast and hung out with ScaryClown for a bit and watched a documentary about Shackleton and I cooked a roast yesterday (Jeff peeled spuds) and be damned if Paul and Keith and Mike show up and make life more festive and the roast was awesome as were the spuds, which frankly were sublime.  Also Mike gave me a post-travel working over which left the massage table set up in the living room so Paul then with my cheerful endorsement borrowed it. Mike was thrilled by the provision of 30 year old Armagnac and whipped out the cash for it too, so I was pretty mellow when he left around 6:30 and then Keith disappeared into Jeff’s bedroom to play Crysis which left us to watch Robot Chicken and the latest Futurama in the living room.  Happy sigh.  Also I talked to Chipper yesterday yippee and we laughed our asses off.

For many of my readers, happy sigh will not accompany the news that Katie’s back living with Dax, although I know without asking what my pOp’s response was.  Given that she hasn’t really had a settled home since she started school, it’s pretty amazing she’s getting straight As.  She’s also in counselling, trying to set up couple’s counselling, and I got a long, thoughtful email from Dax which gave his perspective, and Paul and Keith fed them dinner Friday. Katie called last night and asked about how to get her paperwork to the grandparents re her marks when she was going to get her report card two days after the money for the next term was due.  Blessedly thankful to have somebody else’s problem to work on for a change, I proposed a solution which she immediately pounced on so that should all work out ever supposing she actually turns up tonight.  I am now through bitter and I’m at resigned.  If I get to hopeful again just take me out back and shoot me, I’ll probably kiss your hand as you’re trying to load the gun.

My room is cleaner than when I got home.

Keith passed his licensing exam, his presentation to the Dean went swimmingly, and he’s in the process of landing a placement at an optical place in Metrotown.  So yeah he’s had an emotional couple of days too.

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