David Byrne last night

Set list included

I Zimbra

Strange Overtones

One Fine Day

Help Me Somebody

Life During Wartime

Crosseyed and Painless

Take me to the River


Born Under Punches

AND IT WAS GREAT.  Taking transit to the Queen Elizabeth Theater was easy and quick.

Now all I gotta do is stay out of the kitchen so I don’t eat or drink anything and thus don’t mess up my test results today.  Then I get the 5 suckered octopot that is a holter monitor off and get my bloodwork finished.  And then I’m going to come home and maybe do some domestic stuff (we are watching the microwave slowly die and may need to replace it) and then maybe Keith comes over with his friend A. the anime fan who is from Germany, and maybe they won’t come over because she’ll be all tuckered out from meeting her own rellies here in town.  They have met IRL and stayed in touch on line. Then I get ready for my date tonight, I’m taking him to Horizon and hopefully I won’t be late like I was last time and we’ll be able to watch the sunset from up on that hill, which on a fine day is really pretty.  In the middle there I will likely do some cooking – I’m thinking rum balls – and watching a movie – but on the other hand I’m thinking I want to get out of the movie phase and go back to reading books, so I’m also thinking a trip to the library, except I can’t find my stupid library card.

And I want my hat.  I misplaced my hat and I am going to see if I can get it back.

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