New years Fizzle

Some fucker was setting off bangers for about half an hour straight last night, I hope it was worth it, asshole.

Me? SNORE. I could have gone to Mike’s but it was kinda last minute so we moved it to tonight. Today I spit with the other spitters (Dorothy Dunnett crowd) at the Wicklow and then off to Al’s (I met him through Lorraine Murphy yonks ago) for his new years day Levée. And THEN to Mike’s. I imagine I’ll be exhausted by the time I get there. Typical of my life for as long as I’ve been alive. A whole buncha nothing for months at a time and then all of my socializing gangs up in one day.

Watched the Two Popes yesterday, and really enjoyed it even if it’s the most incredible vaseline on the lens billet doux to the Catholic Church.

Coffee’s on, day’s begun. I’ll be leaving around 11 and not getting home until tomorrow I imagine.