Yet More Snow Marmee

Oh good god at least this last batch wasn’t heart attack snow, it was fluff, because it’s now quite cold and drafty. I won’t be going to Victoria tomorrow as promised because the wind, snow and weather for Wednesday are, according to Environment Canada, pretty much up for grabs. There will be snow, there will be arctic outflow and there will be wind, but no one can say exactly how much and where between here and Victoria

burning sage

I’m not, it would be appropriation and I’m not kin, but mentally, one can. Four more fucking inches of heart attack snow may Loki quit sending his dandruff.

I used to be able to believe words, and now I only trust people. – Jesse, in HOTM

Wow, the shit’s coming out about Mike Resnick. I thought he was one of the good guys and holy penguin poop he made so much trouble for young sf writers who aren’t betesticled and pink.

I’m almost looking forward to my father’s death, (and before you all make like vacuum pumps and suck all the air out the room, wait for the rest of it and please remember that my sense of humour could never be as bleak as my pOp’s) as woman after woman steps forward and says, “He was the best boss I ever had,” and “He never treated me with anything but respect.” And I get to tell my ‘Daddy was a feminist’ anecdotes, buttressed by things his mother told me.

There’s a gal up early reading philosophy in Toronto and she loves her dog even more today because he does not cavil when she’s up at three swearing because she doesn’t understand it. True story from twitter! I mean, when I’m having shit that way I start with the translation, if there is one, and try to figure out what’s happening with the deeply confusing parts with a word by word and then a really deep dive into the word meanings that are tripping me up. For if your philosophically assigned reading chum is trying to woo a great chain of logic into your delicious, masticatable brain and you’re having trouble, start with the words and run a furrow through them with a dictionary (of course philosophy has words of art, beware, beware) but that will give you not merely understanding, but the means to overturn an argument that doesn’t suit you.

Shit, I thought that was the enTIRE point of philosophy? It isn’t?