long fucking day

I have received with thanks and amusement my pOp’s apology for inadvertently blocking many of my emails over the last n years. I have known for a considerable time that something warn’t right with that, but I have also known since before I could talk that I can communicate something to my mOm and she will effect translation, so it’s not like I was yelling into the void, or feeling dreadful about why my pappy warn’t always answering my emails. Plus there’s this hellish invention called a tel-e-o-phone, not that pOp answers it if anyone besides him is home. Also, some of them did get through, so who knows what the hell was going on there. Jeff fixed it, all is well, no harm done.

The long fucking day I am referring to is today, because Paul needs to rescue a vehicle from Bellingham (alternator failed on highway, yeeps yikes), and look at me all semi retired and what not and available for said shenanigans, to help him drive said vehicle back. Also tonight is the genre writers meetup and I would like to go to that. Whether I will have the energy when I don’t get a nap is another thing.

Also, I want to see how hard the border crossing is, in prep for the end of the month.



Border crossing less than five minutes both ways. All well, saw Keith’s work when we returned his car, got a Pho lunch, and as per Minimal daysigns saw an eagle on the way out and a heron on the way back (both over the highway, the eagle just north of White Rock and the heron where all the highways barf into each other at the north end of the Alex Fraser Bridge.)

AND I know where there’s a good garage in NW WA, being Sterling’s in Bellingham.

Now I nap for later.