awesome George Carlin / Fury Road mashup

I loved this movie by the way. Its over-the-topness was a marvel.

a view of the hotel room, shown is a cutaway acoustic-electric guitar named Smokey and Otto, my octave mandolin WOULD BE HERE if the hotel wifi would let me email it from my phone to my google account. I’ve sent it four times, NADA

christ it only took two hours, wtf Hilton

Jeff Tiedrich on twitter:

ideally, you want the President of the United States, the Mayor of Crazytown and the village idiot to be three different people


not enough sleep

Paul and I are checked into the Hilton Doubletree at Seatac. Nice room. There are a lot of instruments in it.

Trip down was uneventful. Agent at the border was a total sweetheart and told us to spend hella money. Driving in rush hour Seattle traffic which I seem to do at least once a year whether I need to or not was not eventful but in the rain it pretty much sucked a mop. Stopped at Razzi’s for pizza, which I may consume for breakfast.

Jeri Lynn greeted us at the hotel lobby (after an amusing moment which I shan’t elaborate upon) and she and Jeff C helped us get our instruments out of the car. I loaned her my octopot hat to keep the rain off Jeri Lynn’s head.

I GOT THE THREE OF CUPS as my day card today; improvement is not possible.


Today, registration and rehearsal and sound check and concert and welcome.Apparently other guests at the con have been injured or jostled or had emergency surgery on the way to the con so I guess I’m going to count myself lucky that nothing bad’s happened to me so far. Also, I will get to be ‘toastedmaster’ for the duration of the con, so YAY knowing the people who print the con badges.

Explosion in Houston may have been triggered by a meteorite! if that’s what happened it sure picked a good spot to impact at 30K kph; a polypropylene tank surrounded by oxygen tanks. The bang, whether it resulted from a meteorite or not, was heard and felt 30 miles away and showed up on weather radar. So, you know, not small.

Retweeted something critical of Bernie Sanders, four people stopped following me. LOL Bernie Sanders is not going to be president, 45 will steal the election through redistricting and purging voter rolls and fraud at the polls, plus intimidation, etc etc. Fascism and America are fuck buddies, and the last ten years have proved it.

In Paul’s honour, a pic from Instagram of a cake from Punk Rock Pastries on Hastings. The last time he was in town somebody broke into his car and stole the tool box I bought him shortly after he started working at Air Canada. It’s a good idea not to get attached to stuff.

Air Canada Cake…. by Punk Rock Pastries