Brynn Tannehill on the road to genocide

From twitter this am. She studies genocide. She’s moving to Canada from the US in 2021… she hopes.

What is interesting to me is watching for the warning signs:

* Rising infant mortality
* Demonizing government propaganda
* Us v. Them narrative
* Mythological past free of a minority
* Populist government
* Breakdown of democratic norms
* Politicized court beholden to party 
* Removing minority from federal service
* Legally establishing that minority doesn’t have same rights as everyone else
* Encouraging stochastic violence
* Preventing access to health care system
* Preventing access to education
* Mandatory segregation from general population under penalty of law
* Requiring something that outs people as the minority (ID, worn item, name, etc) * Random arrests
* Indefinite “black hole” detentions
* Testing to see if foreign governments will move to stop abuses
*Minority groups fleeing the country
she says the last two are signs it’s too late

frens and travel

Cindy and Elias her son will be leaving this morning as well, so we will likely meet up with them in the hotel sometime this afternoon.

It’s raining, and it will rain all day, but I’ve driven down that highway ten times at least in the rain, and it’s no problem. I’ll phone Paul around ten am to find out how his preparations are coming.

I woke up at one thirty but forced myself back to sleep. I’m assuming that extra hour and a half will do me some good; I feel quite perky.

Did you know that statins can cause antisocial behaviour?

HOTM 55179

30k of fanfic published in 4 stories since the 17th, including one with polyamory elements. It’s interesting which stories collect kudos faster. Hint kittens vs polyamory….