annoying stopover

the trip north was entirely uneventful, but on the way since Paul’s girlfriend lost her phone (meh, it happens) and since he already has a Yankee phone he left it at her place, so I got to sit outside her apartment building in Greenwood and contemplate the furrows and circuitous paths of my life for a while since Paul had to stop and pet cats and call her at work, of course, so I did not say a word about how long it took

Weather was fucking gorgeous in Seattle and grim in Vancouver. TWO herons on the road inbound.

I feel full of music, which is useful for FAWM.

HOTM 55277 (worked on ‘sproing’ instructions and actually sent copies to Jeri Lynn and Jeff C since he’s actually read MMCo and Jeri Lynn was much entertained by my description of the sproing).


Roger Waters This Is Not A Drill tour in Vancouver September 14 2020 any interest

Yeah, the cat’s outta the bag and this is what our health minister says. The first guy who was sick in Canada has given it to his wife. Incubation before symptoms was about 8 days in her case, although I hope to drill down and get more accurate notions of when her exposure started from newspaper accounts.

opinion, the gov of Can should ban travel from China for three weeks, which is the likely to break the incubation lag and do nothing but run down contacts until we stop getting infections from locally infected folks, BUT NO. AND I’M AWARE that I was just in a hotel for 4 days that was across the street from where the first case appeared in the US.

and the CDC says this.

OOOOOOOKAY NOW there’s a ‘warning’ about ‘nonessential’ travel. even so.

In the words of a beloved Canadian TV character, something’s fucky.

Corona Beer company really having a shitty January according to google searches