a visit from Lexi

I have piteously complained on social media to my much travelled and jet lagged cousin Lexi that her talking about having too much soap has reminded me that I’m out of bar soap. (Jeff will confirm that I tried to buy bar soap on Thursday but it all smelled terrible so I passed.) She will be coming by today to DELIVER SOAP TO THE UNCLEAN how very er enlightened and generous, yeah, thass right.

I made rice & cabbage & peas with chicken in the Instant Post, and it stuck again, but the brown bits on the bottom taste amazing so I’m not sad. Had it for breakfast.

The fires in Australia are killing people, and the death rate from breathing problems will skyrocket over the next few months, I imagine. Have your grab and go back ready! Mother Nature isn’t fucking about.

Absolutely no writing, but I’m plugging away at JS Grewal’s the Sikhs of the Punjab.