Smiling through the pain.

My right foot is almost entirely numb, even as my leg gets better.  And it wasn’t a charley horse; it was a torn muscle in my calf, as evidenced by a navy bruise the size of a tennis ball.  I’m walking much better, though…. I’ve been very slow and very gimpy.
Katie spent the night at Dax’ again. Rr.  Rrrr-rrrr.  Hrngh.

I constitute all the management that there is in my department today.  That’s a cheerful prospect before I go in; fortunately nothing nasty ever happens even when I blog in advance that it’s going to be fine.
Christine Lavin is at it again. I’ve seen her live, and she’s a truly remarkable entertainer.  This link by way of a bunch of Unitarian buddies, one of whom was dumped by a guy who…. well, let’s just say it’s lucky she didn’t spend years with him.  Six months was interesting enough.  Oh, Christine also did a version of it for men, so go to the main site and scroll about a third of the way down to get it.

Note to self…

I should get up earlier.  I had to let 3 buses go by at Production station; once I got on the jam packed bus, I had the discomfiting experience of having someone gently – and entirely unintentionally – move the edge of her handbag up and down my ass crack the entire way up Gaglardi hill.  I spent the endless minutes thinking of exactly the right thing to say; it was all I could do not to burst out laughing.

The Gr33ks, they are a crazy bunch

So there’s this bunch of retired academics and all round nutters who want to revive the worship of the ancient Gr33k gods. Okay, I’m jiggy with that. The Gr33k government is not cool with letting them run around millennial monuments with torches and pseudo high priestesses. Sounds about right so far. The Greek Orthodox Church, to which something like 97 percent of the modern Greek population is alleged to adhere, is really not okay with it at all. Okay, NOW I smell either an indie movie or a really hilarious docudrama.