Her eye is upon you

Sheesh, I forgot to blog today. Musta been having too much fun. Paul’s gone off to Courtenay with Dan T and his son Nicolas; Katie cleaned her room today (check for which direction the sun rises in tomorrow morning); we purchased replacement parts for our LP turntable and Jim P has kindly agreed to help me set it up tomorrow evening; Jim P and Carly have safely arrived and now we’re just stooging about waiting for the cinnamon buns to get out of the oven; Keith found my athletic pass to the Canada Games Pool (and when I said it was a sign from God he said, Yeah, get your lazy ass out and get some exercise; I am feeling much better now that I know that I do actually have something wrong with me but it isn’t serious enough to really rivet the attention of an endocrinologist. John is off filking at the V-Con and I am just really happy that my bed is only about 4 metres away. Picture is something at random from my files.

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