Tori’s bash

Yeh, whatever. Went to a small party last night, in my Matrix gear (it’s gonna be self-propelled by the time I quit wearing it this weekend). There were a whole bunch of YOUNG PEOPLE there. You know, adults between 20 and 30!!!! I got so excited I forgot how to use the washroom.

What can you say to people who don’t know who Lenny Bruce is!? Well, if you’re really evil you quote his routines without attribution, but I’m not that evil. Yet.

There was a young man there WHO BROUGHT A GUITAR HE HAD MADE. What a swwwwweeeet instrument. There was another guy there who used to live in Calgary before he decided he really liked Vancouver. C’mon, you know you have to.

Anyway, over the din of the rest of the party we sang and played for a while until Paul tugged me out of there. Home and in bed by 12:20. Ah, to be old!

Anyway, Paul left me with a thought for a routine this morning. A funny incident, by the way Paul, is not a routine. A routine has a beginning, middle and end. But it got the mojo going, and I was thinking of “Embarrassing things that have happened at work.” Or just plain embarrassing things, like the time my bra disassembled while I was dancing with Lashkar. (It was just about as funny as it sounds.) I am so happy, I haven’t even looked at the news yet. I have, however, made more chocolate chip pecan cookies. That and one of Keith’s underpowered cups of coffee should get me going for the day. I have people to offend, small animals to abuse, and dishes to wash. I’m a very busy woman!

Many thanks to Tori for throwing the bash, and I’d attribute your roommate but I haven’t the faintest how to spell her name. And a big say hey to the woman who’s been on a liquid diet for the last 14 days. She called it a cleanse… Amazing! I couldn’t last a day on such a diet.

Here is a random image of Paul’s family.


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