a good hair day

The world’s best Mohawk, from New Zealand. Let me say this about that. It’s an hour in front of the mirror every day. He holds it together with a number of noxious and interesting substances, including egg white and sugar, which would a) be extremely funny here in August when the wasps are active and b) be even more funny in the rain. Now THAT’s something I’d pay money to see.

Keith saw Sky Captain. He says it sucks, and he usually tries to feel the good in things.

Paul went riding today with Dan T.

I would like to publicly state that Paul is the world’s bestest spouse. By me, anyway. Katie is off working out with Alex. Matt was here… I told Katie to wait until he explained himself. They have kissed and made up.

Talked to Lois for ages. Talking to her always cheers me up (That’s Paul’s youngest sister who lives in Brooks Alberta and is an active Mennonite). Cooked dinner for Paul and Dan T. – really that was the most energetic I’ve felt all day, which has been just this side of total somnolence.

Musical evening went swimmingly, in attendance Tori and Mike (what a GORGEOUS voice Tori has, I was so impressed), John of course, Joe and Jean (who make a very cute pair, who brought Miss Vickies Jalapeno chips, which are in my top five for junk food and who are buddies of Mike’s), and Brooke and Tom and Peggy. Paul didn’t show up back from Victoria until after everybody had left, which p*ssed him somewhat. Mike hauled out a LOT of Simon and Garfarkle, which will go over very well at any time, and sang his way through all nineteen verses (okay, it’s not that many) of the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. I love that song.

Bye 4 now.

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