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Well, Lexi and Katie this morning have cause to be impressed by the safety design of Miatas, because they were broadsided at a combined speed of about 100 k by a drunk driver last night.

And walked away of course. The air bags deployed, the victims walk away red eyed from the air bag deployment gas, the drunk is carted off to jail. He just sat in his Echo looking straight ahead, didn’t get out to either run away or check on his victims.

Lexi’s little green Miata is a write off, but as she said, we’re fine, and that’s all that matters. She had her digital camera so we will have pictures later (if the technology kept working, there’s always that). Both of them said we will not believe the pictures when we see them, that they just crawled out of the wreckage going “Holy cow!”. And in the meantime Katie’s walking around like a little old lady and complaining of a lot of soft tissue damage. I told her she didn’t have to go to school today and she said, “What, and miss out on the attention?” or words to that effect. She has two Hollywood esque red marks on her left cheek from the air bag – you know, the kind that say “Something happened to my phys” without actually detracting in any way from her stunning gorgeousness.

Katie says, “Hey, my hair was up when I got into the car, and down when I got out. What the hell happened to my hairband?”

Lexi looked okay but thinner somehow. There are two very funny things she said that I would like to share.

One is that she just HATES it when people say “It was like in the movies” when trying to describe a really impressive kaboom; partly because she works in the business and partly because it shows a lack of imagination on the part of the person who says it. So there she is, giving a ghostly post trauma chuckle and saying, It was like something post apocalyptic in the movies! while we all giggle, because she’s pulling an impressively goofy face while she’s saying it.

The second funny thing I’ve left til last. The entire accident was witnessed by two off duty Vancouver police.

I’m never buying a car again that doesn’t have airbags.

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  1. Neither of the police were any use with respect to getting justice for Lexi and Katie’s trouble. 2019 talkin

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