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I just deleted about ten paragraphs detailing my aches and pains, as they would be of no interest to anyone but me and would be actively embarrassing later. So I will announce to an uncaring world that I have no idea who won the debate, although I’m sure Wonkette will get her digs in, and that I think Eminem’s new song Just Lose It is one of the funniest and catchiest things I’ve heard in ages. The man’s a clown.

I imagine I’ll be blogging more over the next week as I have the week off. On the other hand, I may just go to bed for a week, the idea has polled very well in the target market. Paul’s off to Victoria for his course on the 7 pm ferry, I’m off to work; musical evening on Sunday for those interested. Mike may bring his new friend Victoria. We shall see. My mother had to have the Diebold ads explained to her. Don’t you wish you could live in her world? A world in which I didn’t have to know what Diebold was would be a truly cool thing. A guy went surfing with a whale the other day. Is this another sign of the apocalypse, or just a sign that juvenile whales are as playful and easily confused as other juvenile mammals? Paul’s mother turns 80 today. I think… or maybe it’s the 6th. Anyway, she’s more on the ball than I am, and has the advantage of knowing when her birthday is. Happy birthday Phyllis! Katie is learning how to do massage; might have something to do with how screwed up her shoulders and hands are (trading work). Her boyfriend has been sick and not at school. Her word for the subject is GRRRR. Writing is hard work, especially when you haven’t done any in years, so opineth Kate. Keith was very happy that his dad picked him up from Karate last night – nice to know people will do little things to care for you. I’m so bagged I can’t believe I still have an 8 hour shift to haul before I can collapse. Oh well, I’m off to the doc on Monday.

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