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My dad turns older than Cthulhu tomorrow. Actually he doesn’t because the first Cthulhu story was published before he was born, but I thought I’d say that. Happy birthday POP! Many healthy returns of the day! I am going to be mentioning you in my “Blasphemy!” routine. I’m not sure I’ll ever have the guts to perform it in public, but oh well, still have to have your permission first. Will forward under separate cover.

Forgot to mention that I did a participatory Harry Potter reading the other day. You encourage your audience to BOO NOISILY when the Dursley’s get mentioned, and substitute “Brain Damage” for Mr. Dursley, “Horse Face” for Mrs. Dursley, “Piggy” for Dudley and “Child Abusers” when they are mentioned collectively. This makes the first three pages of the Philosopher’s stone excrutiatingly funny to read, highly recommended as an antidote to sorrow and woe.

I am enjoying my Matrix coat so much. And I still haven’t posted a picture.

Lexi you okay?

Jim P sorry I haven’t emailed pix I will remember tonight or bust.

Paul is the bestest spouse in the universe, until the next time he screws up. That’s married life in a nutshell, folks.

I never screw up. I deliberately introduce carefully metered amounts of chaos into the lives of others in the hopes that people will be led to understand what is important in their lives.

Bright blessings to all the depressed, off to work now.

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