It’s 2:51 in the morning

I went to bed super early – like when I got home last night – and of course now I’m hopelessly awake. I spent an hour with Patrick O’Brian and the Mauritius Command – how odd to be reading a book in part about Reunion, where cousin Lexi did part of her growing up – and I think the reason I had to crash so hard was because the chemicals from the oven cleaner really messed me up.

I know I said, one last widdy, but after I did the touch up paint and the oven I realized that there’s floors to wash downstairs – or I should say damp mop – and the whole place needs yet another vacuuming and when I inspected the fridges I realized that they should definitely get wiped up. It’s not like they are filthy, but they are just not quite clean enough. I will go Tuesday night, Katie’s supposed to be coming over for the last whack at her course completion before she grads. Oh blissful month of June, that has a graduation in it.

I will try to get off my duff and take and crop a picture of the quilt. I’m so used to doing everything in Paint in Microsoftland that I’m at a loss to even figure out which program I need to be in to crop a picture… although my wordpress toolbar works again thanks to RobofNine so I will have no difficulties posting it once I’ve quit putzing with it.

I light a candle for Riverbend, the ‘Iraqi girl blogger’. I light a candle for those who did experience flooding and a candle of thanksgiving that we managed to get through the worst of it thanks to the weather, so no BIG floods this year.  Although the Provincial emergency dude says usually you get through what you think is the worst of it and it comes back and kicks you again.  Sixty percent of the snowpack is there.  I light a candle for all the folks on boil water advisories.
I asked Paul what he’s doing for Father’s Day and he said he was going to Casey’s birthday party (and he is actually working that day too). I was trying to orchestrate getting both of the kids in one place for him but I should stop being a busybody and just let him do it.

I have one more week of hell and then I go on vacation (and the only reason I’m having Hell at Work is because I’m covering somebody’s planned medical leave). Vacation will include Making Sure the House is Just So and Getting my Apartment so it doesn’t Look Like a Bear Pit and applying for a passport and visiting my Mother and hopefully my bro, and applying to the Car Coop and hopefully having something resembling a relaxing time and maybe even playing around with Garage Band a bit more.

I think my back is getting better. I know it sounds weird, I should be able to tell, but it’s such an incremental thing. It definitely appreciates walking, and me sitting properly. Sleeping is fine (although I only have two useful positions for sleeping and in one of them I snore like (to use a massively indelicate phrase) a chainsaw in a bucket of snot.

I owe Chipper a phone call…. the TOURIST SEASON has begun in Madawaska. The most extraordinary thing happened this year though, according to her. A combination of heat and wet destroyed the blackfly crop. What a shame, hunh? I remember we went up there one time and the fly bites made me sick as hell. And poor Katie….. she gets bit by everything.

Speaking of getting bit, Katie’s bedbug situation, by dint of her heroic efforts, plus the exterminators, has been fixed.

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4 thoughts on “It’s 2:51 in the morning”

  1. Re: snoring. Have you tried those Breathe Right non-medicated snore strips? Without them, I would gladly smother my husband in his sleep. Saved our marriage. Seriously. And he reports that it’s not just me that sleeps better.

    Re: Augur Inn. Still available to help with whatever.

  2. A thought for the future would be to buy a self-cleaning oven — those oven cleaners aren’t good for anyone let alone someone who has chemical sensitivities. Re: snoring, next step after nasal strips mentioned by Cousin Lexi. Have you ever had a sleep study done? I have and was prescribed a flexible CPAP — only delivers the air flow needed throughout the night. Biggest benefit I’m breathing filtered air coming across distilled water — good for allergies and proper moisture as well.

  3. I don’t know what the protocol is for Father’s Day when you are separated or divorced. I always made sure Jenn had a father’s day card and gift for her Dad, one way or the other. This year, I sent her a reminder e-mail. I didn’t think sending a card post-marked “Ottawa” when Jenn is currently in California would seem sincere. Really, there should be a book for all this stuff. Check it out maybe they have cards “To the father of my children” … you were always a good father to our children, … Love “Your Ex-Wife”.

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