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So…. MomCat, Kitty Kate excaped before I could make her call you, but she showed up crying and left cheerful (or cheerfullyer) after I poured 1 chocolate ice cream cone, one screwdriver and two European hot dogs into her, and she and Keith and I watched District 13 again, and she dropped off her birth registration so I can do some paperwork.

Today I go to Augur Inn (yerm) and Clean. And Vacuum. And sign the listing agreement and watch the sign go up on the front lawn. Around one Alex will show up and help us with the garage, which is the second or third to last horror show (the sheds will have to be rearranged and swept out. I am thinking we should leave the lawnmower, etc.

I went to sleep before 10 pm last night. Every time Keith comes over I go to bed early; it’s either that or stay up and listen to him kill zombies. Mind you, I was a very tired girl when I got home yesterday. Keith didn’t bring me any more O’Brian… I can’t really complain because I haven’t had an hour that didn’t involve work, transit, sleep or the Augur Inn since – okay, Friday night – but I’ve been working pretty steady. My vacation (June 20 to July 2 inclusive) canNOT come fast enough.

I am still glowing from Keith’s news; Katie was very happy to hear it too. Ah….

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6 thoughts on “More District 13”

  1. If it makes you and MomCat feel any better, Jenn is the same way. There’s always a crisis or a rush and it seems very hard for Jenn to commit to calling home or calling her Grandparents.

  2. I don’t EXPECT my children or grandchildren to call so it’s a surprise and delight when they do – even if it’s often! I think it’s hard for younger generations to have irrelevant expectations laid on them – and there can be nothing so irrelevant in young lives as grandparents’ wish to hear their voices! It is as reasonable for me to understand they have lives unrelated to the older generation, as if is for them to understand that we have lives unrelated to them. My father said a great many years ago that we don’t OWN our offspring – we just have the loan of them for a couple of decades.

  3. I somehow missed that lesson along the way — so now I am learning it via the sink or swim method. However, it does seem that my daughter expects me to completely abandon the expectations I place upon her while complying to all her expectations of me.

  4. Yes, I’m dealing a little bit with that. Okay, I simply must bust out with the news. You want an AWKWARD sitch? How about, me, Katie, Suzanne, Katie’s assaultive bf and my ex all sitting around a table for Katie’s grad????? The good thing is we’ll all have a free place to park, because the grad is being held (ta da) a block from my apt!!!!! How cool and coinkindinkle is that??? June 27th. Should be the blog from hell. AND it’s RIGHT AFTER bf’s trial.

  5. I received some bird presents from a friend including some Parrot magazines and was putting them on the L/R coffee table, when I noticed the small photo album from Jenn’s graduation. Jenn was so beautiful and Brandon so handsome (boyfriend of 2 years, now ex). Will have to send you a picture. Jim can help scanning from a real photograph? Or maybe Spence, has already done so. Allegra, I just don’t know what to wish for you/Katie regarding bf’s trial outcome under the circumstances.

  6. They are so gorgeous sometimes you look at the photos and find yourself sniffling.

    BF has already done whatever the legal word is for pre-pleaing guilty, now it’s just a formality for the sentencing; Katie’s hope is that he gets anger management and counselling for at least six months. I was sure he’d plead not guilty but he’s not that foolish. For this small grace, big thanks.

    One of the things in Katie’s pile of stuff was the dress she wore to Greg and Tracy’s wedding – she was the flower girl for his wedding just as I was the flower girl for his parents…

    What an amazing dress….custom made and she looked stunning. I should post pics.

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