Much alcohol

Poor Burnt and PhD had SOOOO much alcohol left over from their wedding that they threw a party to get rid of it.  I made myself one appletini, but mostly I stuck to the Rum Punch, which was superb.  I stopped drinking early in the evening, but I didn’t leave early enough – I got to Production Way half an hour after the last bus.

I’m thinking, erm, doesn’t look good, but I’ve memorized the Bonny’s Taxi number and honest to Murgatroyd, the taxi came around the corner just as I came up from Lougheed to stand where I could be easily seen. I called for a taxi at 1 on the nose and was in the door at 1:13; I was somewhat perturbed to see that the taxi driver had ditched another call to pick me up.  I suspect my tipping habits have stood me in good stead with the drivers.  I’ve only failed to tip once in ten years, and he deserved a tip alright, the tip of my boot.
Sigh.  Wish I’d taken my makeup off before I crashed; fortunately the massage oil worked great at sluicing it off this morning.  I did wear the flight suit and Scary Clown immediately asked if I was jumping out of an airplane tonight as soon as I showed up.  Wise ass.  All was forgiven later as we (me, one of LTGW’s nephews and Shorn) drifted over to Scary’s apartment to admire his artwork and for him to check if his site was down (I told him it had been earlier, but it wasn’t, it was just really freaking slow).  I was waiting for the reaction shots of the guys who hadn’t been there before and was not disappointed….Shorn looked around and said, “How many computers do you HAVE?” plaintively.

I had one of those party experiences where virtually wherever I was standing or sitting, I was in someone’s way.  Finally I tried to sit as far away from everybody as I could and just kibitzed…  it was fun in a low key way.  Myself and a coworker traded sad stories about having teenagers, and it was all very pleasant.
Today I think I’m finally caught up on laundry, so I’m going to lie back down with Lucky Jack Aubrey, who’s just been sprung from a French pokey by his best friend’s squeeze (also his cousin in law), and take up the 7th book, Ionian Mission.  At least Stephen and Diana are finally married now.  I mean, he’s chased her across the ends of the earth at this point.

Later, off to see my Livejournal pal….It’s bucketing rain, think I’ll break down and take my brolly.

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