My mum should be home

If all goes according to sched. I sure hope you’re not too wiped from your trip, mOm.

I had a lovely visit with Katie K. and her amazing daughter Tillie.  That was some yummy buffalo stew!  And we got to watch crazy amounts of lightning.

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3 thoughts on “My mum should be home”

  1. Wiped, yes, and with a young mountain of new information for the database. Nice way to spend the summer, entering data.

  2. Welcome back Nautilus3 and congratulations on the success of your quest. Have missed your daily posts.

  3. Debbie, I am not sure what I accomplished could be regarded as success. Well, *I* regard it as success, of course, but then family history is a passion. Loki looks askance, at the very least, and leaves the room if so much as a second cousin once removed is mentioned. When I mentioned my second cousin’s third cousin, he RAN from the room. But he does keep me supplied with nice equipment for my passion, and responds to my need for technical support with good grace and promptitude.

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