What news?

I learned last night that the closing date has been moved in two weeks; it’s now July 15th.

Sandra sent me pics of a fine looking woman sitting in her living room in Syria with two tame hyenas.  Brr. Those things are loony dangerous!  It would be like taming bears, no sane person would do it.  Anyway, I’d repost it but for some reason I could not copy the pic to post.

I am definitely NOT coming to Victoria this weekend, as I suspect I will be heaving crap out of the two sheds this weekend once I hear when is convenient so to do with Paul.

Sigh.  V. happy about Katie still, and why the hell not.

My telus webmail is down.  Normally I wouldn’t mention such a trifle, but I ran a personal ad.  And that’s where all the replies are going, and the Telus minion was both rude and uninformative as to when the webmail will be up again.   Gr.

Rereading Master and Commander as I don’t have any fresh Aubrey/Maturin books.

Today, the photo for my passport, and possibly some of the other paperwork dealt with.

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5 thoughts on “What news?”

  1. The closing date being moved up is a good sign, hopefully things will keep on moving smoothly. As for telus, anyone who gets involved with them when they don’t have to is in serious need of a reality check.

  2. Gee, Loki, what are you trying to say?????

    snerk – and come on, this was the first time they messed up this bad in years, and the service has actually been restored. Sounds like they had a serious problem though

  3. We mothers live for these moments. I’m glad you’re happy!! Sometimes I feel like a bird following a very scanty bread crumb trail. I’m still living on the happiness of Jenn’s graduation 2 years ago. I can show her little graduation album to people and say “This is my daughter”. I think we get a free pass to feel and behave in whatever way makes us happy when it comes to our children (and our grandchildren).

  4. I love the expression ‘a very scanty bread crumb trail’. That really resonates with me.

  5. Yes, indeed. I’ve only had time for quick visits to your blog. With only 1-2 hours of productive time per day, Jenn’s visit (“I’m coming but I don’t know when”), working like mad to get as much of Jenn’s “crushed foot” file together for our lawyer as I could and then Jenn’s “I’ll be at the Syracuse airport in 2 days”; I’ve been busy!! Looking forward to catching up with you when things settle down. Oh, and Jenn arrived sick (stomach flu and/or stomach migraine) so both Jim and I have been running around trying to patch her up while she lies around looking like a limp, almost dead froggie.

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