3 thoughts on “Curse you, Micro$oft.”

  1. Did I mention I run a Mac? And I don’t use Microsoftware?
    Went looking for emails from my best source for PC info, but cannot find info he sent me in I think it was 2003. One of the byproducts of all of these new releases of OE and other software by Microsoft was, because of its bugginess, and all the ensuing upgrades, experiments were being conducted by the corporation as to how best provide back door openings for surveillance via Microsoftware. Now, you might say D is paranoid (ex American); or you might say he didn’t listen to the hype.

  2. Well, anyone who runs computers that are continuously connected to the internet without running behind a hardware firewall like a router are crazy.

  3. I’m going to bet the author of the piece Allegra is referring us to is running behind a hardware firewall. I know D is. His business is computers. I was only pointing out that he was aware of this access to Microsoftware for ‘spying’ long before Vista emerged.

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