7 thoughts on “Once, my dad signed my absence slip “M Mouse””

  1. Dear Loki, not only were you ahead of your time but you must have been an inspiration to your family. Allegra, what did your teacher think of this trick? Usually, it’s the kids tryig to forge sick notes to their teachers!

  2. Thanks. In some ways Allegra’s mother and I were way ahead of our time, but in a lot of other ways we are way behind the times. For example, rap music (if you can call it music) makes me gag.

  3. I must have laughed for 2 minutes when I saw the one where he signed snake bird caterpillar. Maybe I will start signing Loki.

  4. Jenn plays rap. Jm & I hate rap. I once told Jim I thought my parents adapted to Rock & Roll way, way better than we will ever adapt to Rap.

  5. Rap is hate speech that hides under the mantle of “You can’t criticize this without being racist”.

    So I do my best to like some rap, especially the stuff that is either funny or politically astute. The rest of it is really ghastly.

  6. You’re right Allegra. Some rap music isn’t too bad and I like Eminem (not because he is white, but because he seems really clever). However, it’s hard to appreciate the rap we hear blaring in our driveway with lyrics along the lines of “I want to f** you B*** in every room of the house”.

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