Ick, hormones for Valentines

Despite it all, my TMI meter still seems to be working, so I won’t bother with the deets.  I just feel wrung out and not particularly brainy at the moment.  On the positive side my back and leg aren’t hurting me too much at the moment; I’ve been getting by without painkillers.

I wish my phone hadn’t died just as I was coming home yesterday.  The sunset was so glorious, so spectacular, so awe-inspiring, I wanted to phone Jeff and tell him to step out on the back deck.  Also, he’d picked up beer that day so I didn’t actually have to go into the mall.  But I’ve got beer, so really, wherefore the plaints?

I started writing my Valentines day cards today.  More after the cut.  Please note that I am using my just freshly created font so the appearance on this blog of those staves will look very different from how it will look when I print them out.  I have no idea what font they will appear in.  Also, they all run together because Google docs knocked the formatting out.  But I think I’m doing very well with the office coworker valentine’s this year – I won’t be doing individual ones but I think I’ll be able to keep everybody reasonably happy.

One thing that troubles me…. Should I give any to the new squid overlords?  I’m going to go talk to HR about that.  I mean, I’ve been giving out office Valentines for YONKS now, and if they tell me I have to stop I should probably do it anyway, but only give them to the people who are a) expecting them – because at this point, they do and b) really don’t give a roasted rat’s tuchis what HR thinks. then OR now.

I lost my bank card.  I have to report it now.  I don’t want another one, but oh well.

Healing is itchy work.

I’ve been re-reading George Carlin.  That man was a genius, and he left us too soon.

Rashes are red

Bruises are blue

You’ve lasted this long

So you’re crazy too.

Happy Valentine’s day to a

wacky, wacky co-worker.

Knock knock

Who’s there?


I’m not going to fall for that.

Fine, I’ll shoot ya through the cubicle wall


Ha ha ya little b*st*rd, got you first.

There is no escape

from a Happy Valentine’s Day from Allegra

Tell me why the stars do shine,
Tell me why the ivy twines,
Tell me why the sky’s so blue,
And I will tell you, just why I love you.

Nuclear fusion makes stars to shine,
Adhesive tendrils make ivy twine,
Rayleigh diffraction makes skies so blue,
Chemical hormones, that’s why I love you.

Trust Allegra to take the romance out of everything

Happy Valentine’s Day, anyway.

Zombie, zombie, zombie, zombie

Zombie, zombie, zombie, zombie

Propane! Propane! Propane!


Happy Valentine’s Day from one of the X-Undead

The last time I checked, you were still one of my favourite coworkers

I could list my reasons. But we both want to keep working here.

Right? Right ???

Happy Valentine’s Day from Allegra

Not very sweetly, not discreetly

And given my handwriting, not very neatly

I should tell you how I feel

But maybe I shouldn’t – cause if you squeal

I’ll be in a world of hurt

If you go to HR with all that dirt

I’ll leave it to your imagination..

What did I censor in this communication?

There’s one clear message here, it’s true,

Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

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