Pleasant evening

I got to see the campsite where Mr. E. Man spends his leisure time and meet a couple of the folks who hang out there.  (One of whom said “Did you bring your mandolin?” and appeared disappointed when I said, “Uh, no, seeing as how the plan was walking around in muddy places and eating in a nice restaurant.”   I feel like I’ve fallen into a rabbit hole where everybody I meet is predisposed to like me.) I can’t talk about the campsite because otherwise I’d be giving away a secret about the best kept secret in the lower mainland.  Let’s just put it this way… it SO has the vibe of Red Deer Lodge except that it is on the ocean.  And you are allowed to have campfires 24/7/365.

Then we went and ate dinner at Iguana’s in White Rock, and listened to live music (one guy and one guitar, and sheesh was he talented) and then I went home.    The owner of Iguana’s hugged my date on the way in the door.  Yeah, I don’t think he had a problem getting a reservation. Oh, and by the way, it was the best table in the house.

Daughter Katie bailed on an afternoon of girly fun today (wa) because she is sick with what sounds like bronchitis.  Smart grandparents will call her and commend her.  But then she’s back at school tomorrow so I’ll see her at Brentwood after work.  I think I’ll buy her some foodicles and catch up with her.

Today, Nascar.  Tonight, hopefully, I’m feeding Mike and Jeff dinner.  Something nice, with potatoes.

Today, NO LAUNDRY.  I’m finally caught up.  In fact, unless it involves moving my Valentines printing press set-up back into my room I’m not doing ANYTHING.  Except listening to music and maybe getting another song written down.

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