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Well, it’s one of those periods of my life when it appears I’m in hibernation.  Heron woman is scarcely moving.  Okay, I’m drying my wings (derpderpderp).

Keith broke my shower head.  It’s okay, the holder is plastic and I think it was cracked before he touched it.  He replaced it within a DAY, and all of a sudden the water pressure in my shower head is enormous.  Lesson learned… clean the shower head more frequently.  Thanks Keith!

Katie is off at Dax’s. He’s living with a young married couple who just had a baby, and Katie is charmed.  I spout hexes all day hoping that the parasitology practicum bug doesn’t hit her.

Jeff has found a new physician.  I may go see her.  The first thing she told him was NO BISCOTTI and guess what I made yesterday.  I took a big bucket into work and it was all gone by 9:30.

I have booked a spa day for me and Katie in November.

I am excited and scared about travelling to the States.  I joke so much nobody wants to believe that I am SH/T SCARED of flying and that I have to force myself into a dissociative state to get on an airplane, and that I’m terrified of border guard interactions.  I don’t believe I’ve done anything to warrant special attention from border guards, but given what’s happened lately on both sides of the border I don’t think I’m wrong to want to ensure that my papers are indeed in order.  I don’t mind driving into the States for some reason but flying in creeps me out.

Work is thrilling.  I sing a special song and light a scent free candle for Mike McG, previously hymned in this blog, for his AMAZING Salesforce customization, which had me and my boss gaping when he demo’d it on Monday.  I am also battling the workforces of laziness, stupidity and inconsideration, but that kinda goes without saying, in myself as well as others. Robertson Ay, here I come.

I wish I wasn’t so hot-tempered – the last four days I’ve been wild with anger and it’s coming from nowhere… oh no it isn’t.  My daughter moved in, and oh goodie, my stammering ovaries are trying to catch the beat off her.  It’s like a hormonal spin cycle.  I imagine it will settle shortly.

SOOOOO looking forward to my vacation.  I will be taking Ziva for a road trip, yeah.

My to do list is so long that when I burned it I brought a pot of water to the boil.  Making tea wasn’t on my list, but what the hey.

Jeff and I did call pOp and wish him many happy reorientations.  He admits to being alive, but only grudgingly, and recounted with distaste that vampires had removed half of his blood in an effort to determine how many syllables his most recent ailment has, and while I had something very funny lined up regarding his other medical comments, I could not for the life of me figure out how to do it without making either of us sound unhinged.

The BCCLA sent me a preview of their comments about deaths in custody.  Does anyone know how many more deaths in custody BC has, by pop, than Ontario?  Anybody?  Beuller?  Sh/t’s awkward, if you’re a BC politician or the head of the Royal Canadian Mope Pounders.  I hope the folks at the BCCLA keep the heat on.

Oooo, speaking of heat, I hear that there is a new term for people who believe that climate change is real… Climate hawks.  Note the strategic repositioning of a word previously pejorative and related to the right wing.

Patricia showed off her new Kindle.  I had the wants, but the first thing I did was check to see if Dunnett comes in kindlefriendly format.  No, it doesn’t, so screw you four times over, you copyright holding morons.  You could have been into me for hundreds of dollars, but NO.

A customer called a coworker a conceited bitch who should throw herself off a bridge.  Very glad beautiful bossy has told us that they get two warnings and then a dial tone.  PS., if she’d deserved it I’d be laughing.  She didn’t.  I’m not.

Eddie is giving me a righteous yowling, looking for something something in his bowl.  He’s taking stairs more and more slowly, but what the hell, so am I.

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