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Have you ever noticed that rich white men like hiding in with poor Black, Indigenous and settler men when they’re trying to make a shitty shitty shitsome rhetorical point? Because without sorting this chart for racial data it’s just MRA barf in a data-is-beautiful branded tote.

It will probably disappear but here is the original.

This looks like men are worse off in every way than women. AND ABSOLUTELY, A LARGE NUMBER OF BLACK MEN ARE WORSE OFF THAN A LARGE NUMBER OF WHITE WOMEN by any number of standards.

Also, and this is the part that’s interesting, every single legislature in the US is majority run by men, and yet they keep passing legislation that does nothing to address how there is a permanent, underhoused, overjailed, brain damaged and mostly black and immigrant underclass in the US… as demonstrated by this.

check and mate assholes


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