Obvs I’m freaking out

But, not as badly as yesterday, and it doesn’t really affect my sleep. I don’t understand how I can be such a worrywart during the day and then BOOM I R UNCONSCIOUS at 20 after 7 in the evening. I’ll be checking in Thursday and leaving Monday and driving Paul down in his vehicle – yes the very one I assisted in rescuing.

Walked over to the pharmacy yesterday to pick up the prescription I had paid for but not yet collected. On the way back I bought some pork chops from the finest butcher shop in town. (This is a song quote, and if the one person who reads this blog stumbles across it they will howl.) Picked up some ground meat, too. I plan to make spag. Also six donuts.

Wrote a thousand words yesterday. It started as one thing and then the fucking wife shows up as a ghost and I never have supernatural elements in my SPN fic so I am pissed as hell about it. I’m trying to figure out her motivation but all she does is stare at me and point menacingly at the other characters. Thanks byotch I got other problems at the moment. Dragging out one of the other fics for massage instead while that one cools off. The newest fic is at a 7% kudo rating on just over 1000 hits, which is solid.

One of my namesakes: shown below is Allegra Kent, Principal Ballerina of the NY Ballet Company in 1959, the year this was taken.

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I think I’m going to have more coffee and have another whack at “Just How I Feel” my SPN polyamory story provisional title. After that “You Can’t Sleep Here” and “Don’t Forget to Bring a Snack for Men’s Group” need to be bashed into shape.


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