Jeff off to Victoria

The car via ferry is the only reasonable way to get there and maintain your personal mobility, but if they ever invent a matter transporter, Jeff’s got dibs.

Rain lifted and the sun came out and it was quite pleasant late yesterday afternoon.

8814 words Part II. Sent a tiny squib to mOm yesterday. It won’t be enough to keep her (drum roll for over-exaggeration here please) fiendish appetites slaked, but them’s the breaks I reckon.

Damn that lamb was good. However in the interests of roommate comfort I’ll order chicken next time – Jeff finds the smell of lamb queasy making and I don’t want to put him off his chicken skewers.

I have more than 60k reddit karma points. Talk about yer wasted life.

Just read the opening line to a fic, “Why is Dean a capybara” and now I want to finish that prompt myself.

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