Much better

Gosh, I can’t believe how much better I feel this morning! It’s as if everything feels clearer and lighter.

Today’s Father’s Day. My pOp is best pOp, your argument is invalid. Okay, Leo’s a good father, and he fathered good fathers! Damnit, so is Terry. So was Jim (actually among the best) and then there’s Tom, he was a bighearted dad, and my grandads, and Barry, and David, and actually my life is full of good dads. Paul was among them. He’s still family, but he has passed into the part of the world where he is no longer really a dad. Katie didn’t advertise it as a father’s day meal but we’re getting together tonight. I hear Dax is fixing to change the oil in Paul’s Echo.

I am going to endeavour to persevere; I hope you all can manage that today. We are for going schlepping when the grocery opens.

A long joke, stolen from saturn128 on reddit. Typos have been corrected and it’s been slightly edited.

One day Fibonacci goes to the fair with his friends: Ms. One, Mr. Five, and Dr. Twenty.

While Fibonacci perused the fairgrounds, his friends decided to enjoy a variety of different competitions and games.

Ms. One thought to try her hand at the ring toss and ball throwing games. She’s a pretty good shot and quickly wins a pair of adorable stuffed toys shaped, oddly enough, like small cherry trees.

Mr. Five, being a man with a hearty appetite, went to sign up for the pie eating contest. When the time came to compete, Mr. Five set to his task with a ravenous fervour. The competition was brutal and incredibly messy, but by the end Five had scarfed over a dozen pies.

Dr. Twenty wandered to an area a little more removed from the main fairground. He was, in fact, looking for the tent that he knew would host the poker tables. Dr. Twenty was an avid gambler, a man of numbers and statistics as well. Upon finding the tables, Dr. Twenty is already prepared with his own bet. Placing ten dollars in the pot, he is dealt his cards and solidifies his poker face. After a solid hour of cards, the doctor had won over three times as much as he had originally bet.

All the while, Fibonacci had walked between his friends and checked on their activities. In his wanderings he had run into an acquaintance of the group. They asked, “How did the others fare in their games?”

Fibonacci responds, “Oh, One won two trees, five ate thirteen, Twenty won $34.55.”

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