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Ha! Didn’t tell the end of the anecdote. So anyway, these Chinese buns show up and in amongst them are almond cookies, which I fall upon with joy, because Ah loves almond cookes. I take a bite, and you familiar with the expression “Her Face Fell”? Well something similar happened to my face. I chewed carefully and swallowed and said, You know, these cookies were made with bacon grease. And Jim took the cookie, and the same expression came over his face. Smelled like bacon grease, tasted like bacon grease. Carly said, imagine trying that on a pollo vegetarian (she still eats things with faces, but they can’t have fur). In the entire time I’ve been eating almond cookies, which is over 35 years, I’ve never had such a culinary oddity. It’s not like they were bad, because the bacon grease wasn’t rancid. It’s just they were really weird. Sigh. Now I know why they were that odd… well, grungy brown colour. Okay, now I’m finished. Off to the kettle to put on coffee water.

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