We actually got a good view of the Skydragon eating the Moon last night. It was a good night to buy Halloween makeup. Every year I wrack my brains wondering what I’ll give out in lieu of candy, and this year I trekked down to the dollar store and bought glow in the dark animals, and some non glow in the dark animals, and some stickers. I mean, they’ll eat the candy and every kid in the lower mainland except the ones whose parents are abusive will be cracking off heartstopping and criminal sugar farts for a week, but eventually the smell will go away…. and they will remember the crazy woman in the snakeskin Matrix outfit who gave them a glow in the dark kitty. Or dinosaur. I got a variety.

Oh my gosh, the kid in the line up ahead of me at London Drugs last night. He cut one that brought tears to my eyes.

Still haven’t asked John if I can take Sai into work tomorrow as part of my costume. I did take the glow in the dark kitty who most closely resembles Pokey and stick him up on a bookshelf downstairs last night. Looks really cool when you turn the light off.

Updated the makeup routine this morning.

Dreamed last night that I was taking a night flight, harbor to harbor, from Pender Island to Vancouver, and the pilot was nuts and buzzed a fishing boat and snapped something off.

I am really glad I started taking vitamins agin. I don’t know which of them is responsible, but the horrible eye dryness has stopped and the pain in the fleshy part of my neck is gone and I’m getting a lot more out of my daily period of inadvertent unconsciousness. And I’m way sharper at work. For a while there I thought I was going nuts, but it was just a dietary deficiency. There are times I wish I could get everything into one pill, but it would likely be the size of a dust bunny and about as easy to choke down. If anybody cares, I can post my regimen.

Everything around here is peaceful. I know it can’t last but it makes me happy.

Katie asked a ‘no question’ question of the Tarot two nights ago. 6 Major Arcana; the Fool, High Priestess, Chariot, Justice, the Tower and the Moon. I did tell her that from the placement, the Fool was the most important of the six. Like, quit caring about what people think.

Learned from Lexi yesterday that the drunk that hit them was not charged. Miata sustained 20K in damage and the perpetrator walks? How about NOT DRIVING WITH DUE CARE AND ATTENTION. Jumping Jimenez Cucaracha! If I write any more, I will be start swearing, and I’ve decided to stop swearing in my blog. I’ll save that for the stage, and real life.

Much love to the deserving… later….

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