One tries and tries

Katie is really angry with herself. She goes out with friends, doesn’t drink anything, and loses her wallet. She’s freaking because it has her phone number on it. I said if it’s a problem, we’ll change our phone number. You lost your bus pass – 2 days left, big whoop – your Gocard, costs 15 bucks, big whoop. The photos you lost are more of a pain. You have no money in your account so your bank card is no biggee and you lost no passports, SIN cards, or your health card, which are the real buggers to replace.

Me, I’m good. Tried to get John to cowrite a comedy routine with me last night, but he lay on the floor and pleaded – more or less – to allowed to drift into a vegetative state. So I let him. I did ask him to choose among the available options what he wished to complain about most, and he said that he was having a hard time choosing. After all, isn’t comedy about complaining?

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