I don’t know about you, but I find it’s really icky to be awake at 5:45. I heard some very loud traffic about 20 minutes ago and thought, well, Jim and Carly have to get up at six so I figured what the hell and got up. Glen and Marilyn are coming over for roast pork tonight…. I invited them seeing as how they didn’t have firm plans and it’s probably been a while since we’ve all been in the same room. JIM SET MY SOUND SYSTEM UP. I can finally listen to my LP’s again. Yippee. I have heard a piece of news about church which, if true, is the best we’ve heard in ages; more details will be forthcoming at the Board Meeting, which, inshallah, I will attend on Wednesday.

I know that mocking a gift is insufferably rude, but I just gotta. Jim and Carly returned from the soccer game with Chinese goodies in hand. And by the way, Carly’s team waxed their opponents’ collective heinie, which had NOT been expected, as the ferry bringing the rest of her team and the coach over went mechanical so they delayed the game rather than cancel or reschedule; Carly’s team had NO soccer balls to warm up with and when the rest of the team showed it was like ONTO THE FIELD and PLAY. And they won, three zip, so you can see what adversity does to people. Now Carly, who is NOT a morning person, has to get up and go to Ambleside and start a game at 8:30. It isn’t raining in Burnaby but who the putz knows in North Van, right? It’s like another world up there. You do have a nice view up there…. two months of the year! Carly did tell me that the Kelowna team has a member whose nickname is Sasquatch and that she’s legendary for falling on people.

Katie has finally gotten in touch with Matt, which allowed her to calm down a bit. You can see the floor in her room; a charming state of affairs, wish I could say the same. Off to get my tea and then fill up the kettle again, preparatory to Jim and Carly’s rise from the depths this morning (they are sleeping in the dungeon).

For those of you not familiar with the layout of my house, which is pretty weird, there is a room in the basement (which is technically the ground floor, as it is at grade) with NO WINDOWS. Considering that Paul occasionally works midnights, it’s a good thing to have a really dark, really quiet, really isolated room. Teenagers LOVE that room, it’s like a canonical law or something.

Keith got to Victoria okay. I love that kid. He is so consistently helpful and entertaining; he’s one of the funniest people I know and I know a few. Picture is something random.

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