Garage better

I removed the last of my junk from the garage, we killed about ninety billion spiders, and shoved all of Paul’s stuff to one side – Alex leading the charge. Alex did the sweeping. What a difference….. There’s still stuff to do like wipe down the cupboards but you can actually see the garage…
And then
And then
And then
PIE…. She made Lemon Meringue Pie FROM SCRATCH and fed it to me and Paul. Yummy. Then we got all the additional crap (like, I am now overgross weight for this apartment by about 100 pounds) into my apartment and I let Alex get back to her busy life. THEN a lovely phone call from brother Jerome asking me to a bar b que and then another lovely phone call from LE and Doug and we did a lot of catching up and she’s going to be in VICTORIA for a good part of July, so I am already plotting and planning in hopes she can be connected with various people in Victoria.

Life is awesome, the weather is stunning, and I’ve set up a table and chair so that when it’s not so blazing on the deck I can sit out with my little computer and tap away….

I know I should subtext the weather with – here’s hoping no floods. I have a good feeling about this year, I think we may dodge it this time…..

And Keith got accepted. Honestly, I could live on that for a week.

Oh, and I worked on the upstairs bathroom at the Augur Inn too while I was waiting for Paul and Alex.

Oh, and Keith accidentally left the Commodore (late in the series O’Brian) for me so … later!

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  1. Another step in the non-infinite list of tasks…
    Hope to connect with LE in July.

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