Not going to Augur Inn tonight

feel like scrap.  no rly.  I am going to crawl into a hot bath, and then a toasty bed, and CRASH like Evel Knievel.


Talked to Tammy last night how GOOD TO HEAR HER VOICE. 



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3 thoughts on “Not going to Augur Inn tonight”

  1. I am glad your work at the Augur Inn is coming to an end. A little advice, keep up the work on the treadmill. The endorphins produced from the exercise will help off set any delayed reactions to the separation. Sorry you feel like SCRAP! I’ve determined I can’t consume any alcohol without serious consequences — a combination of allergies, a low tolerance and the meds I’m on. Seriously, I small glass of white wine and I’m paying for it with 3 days of retchedly ill and another 2 days of seriously ill.

  2. Wretchedly is the correct spelling, but somehow your typo gets the point across ever so much more than the correct one…

    I probably shouldn’t be drinking at all given what it does to one’s blood sugar…

  3. Yeah, sometimes some typos slip through, even when I proof it — never used to happen before CFS? Do you suffer from low blood sugar or diabetes?

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