Stabby, stabby, stabby McStabberson

Which is what you say when rain wakes you up, and you lie listening to it and think “I’ve got a hat.”  You go back to sleep, wake up at 5:30 – and THERE IS AN INCH OF SNOW ON THE GROUND.  I knew this would happen.  I mean, I knew it would snow the week of Valentine’s day.  The increased amount of light through my bedroom window should have tipped me off.  Now to check the weather site.  They say there’s nothing to worry about, everything is fine.  I bet they lie like a cheap rug.  I checked the weather, and they aren’t even reporting the weather we are getting RIGHT NOW accurately.  I mean, unless you consider rain/snow mix to be accurate.  To be fair, it has both rained and snowed.  Jeff’s response when I said, “Have you seen outside?” just to watch him leap up from his computer to peer through the blind was brief and Anglo-Saxon.

The economy is tanking so hard, and it’s so much on my mind, that I woke up this morning thinking about it.  I thought, by the time this is all over we will have blamed everyone but ourselves.  Oh, better think of something cheerful.

How to make commuters happy.

How to make your own font.

How to make yourself more resistant to evil.

Something random.  But only if you like the FSM.

Yet another link to atheist quotes.

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