Lard t’underin’ Jaysus

What a day yesterday.  I bailed on the workshop because it occurred to me that the only thing, and the most important thing for me to be doing in that same time period was prepping for the meeting with the bookkeeper.  That went well. 

Three and a half hours and three bracing cups of tea later the files from 2012 were on the computer, we’d straightened out not having on line access to the church bank files (and zow, were we freaked out when we couldn’t get on line, but a simply STELLAR customer service rep from WSCU named Gary (fab phone voice, impeccable warmth and professionalism of manner) walked us through the update), we’d gotten a couple of months of bank recs done (next to last bookkeeper hadn’t done September right and they need to match nose to tail from one month end to the start of the next, thanks, otherwise how are you to balance to the books, and we were only out by 300 bucks but the NewGal got this look on her face that I’ve seen on many a human, which is “What the devil is going on here and I ain’t resting til I find and fix it!”, I’d gotten some training on Simply Accounting (which is called Sage 50 now)) and she had an overview of the church year and filings.

And a nice long conversation about why the heck an atheist would go to church.  I no longer give the flippant response ‘to annoy my parents’ as for a fifty four year old woman, I mean ‘franchement’, why would I do that….?

Oh – and she fixed it that I don’t have to enter a password every time the new computer goes to sleep.  That was worth the price of admission right there.  Off topic slightly – the CSR for Sage when I went to register over the phone (since on line SUCKED) was a bad fit for her job.  I thought of a lot of things to say there but that delineates it without personal remarks.

We still have rude amounts of work to do, but after five months of – I freely admit it! – inadequate communication on everyone’s part especially mine, I’m working with someone I love and trust, and that, friends, makes a large difference.  Oh, I didn’t mention that I used to work with her?  Yeah.  People who don’t know me think I am a whack job.  People who do know me understand my unique strengths and assets, one of which is the ability to make people howl with laughter.  It’s a gift.

THEN I had to run home, make crusty baked chicken breasts and taters for me and Jeff, watch about thirty seconds of tv, and then run back out the door again to be secretary to the church board meeting.  I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at a meeting.  We were all giddy with relief about the bookkeeper issue.  I fired off a copy of the minutes right then and there, thank you LUNATICKCHICK for your free wifi!  THEN I did a blind reading for one of the board members, and it was really interesting.    When you don’t know the question you’re forced to really look at the design elements of the cards.  The masculine energy of the Chariot facing the Rubenesque Empress across the spread – both with their starry crowns.  This had meaning, as she shared with us afterward.  The first card that came up (I don’t use a querent) made me laugh so hard I just about fell off the sofa.  There are only two cards in the deck with this particular design element.  As I have said before, my deck is not subtle, to match its owner I suspect.   I ran through the entire Tarot deck talking about what the cards mean and their ‘archetypal value’ and how the meaning of the Tarot is not some magic outside of science but a rather hard nosed appreciation of how archetypes and the ‘continuously retold story’ of human life can shed light on current difficulties and psychological quandaries.

Hey don’t mock, after the collapse that damned deck may keep me in calories.

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