Conflikt 13 is almost over, and how fantastic was that

Paul and I have had a lovely time. I had a great time as toastedmaster, and apart from misgendering Cade Tinney prior to their performance (I cried for half an hour, I was alternately upset at my assumptions and weeping my face off because Cade’s a brilliant brilliant songwriter and their song about their grandad just about slew me with its stark and lovely grief, but they forgave me most kindly and gave me a sweet hug and I went around to a coupla con com folks and explained myself and they sorted me as well but I’ll have to live with my error in the livestream so O THE FUCK WELL right) everything about this con has been bordering on magical.

I am very inspired to try FAWM next month,

Many many thanks to Dave Tinney for running the hospitality suite, John Seghers and Jen!

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