Beeyutiful day

It’s absolutely gorgeous out, but a little on the cold side.  I am in a good mood for the first time in ages.  There’s a party coming up, and I have to pack, and I have received my bonus cheque, and it’s really sunny, and we MAY just have licked the bedbug situation, but only if Katie STAYS HOME for the next month.  Te he.  There’s a way to get her to come home at night.

It makes me sad to say it, but Paul and I are evicting Dr. Filk.  We both asked him to clean up his living space preparatory to the sale of the house, and his response to both of us was a polite, “No, thanks”.  Since we aren’t going to be getting the full sale price unless the downstairs is at least tidy, we regretfully gave him his notice yesterday for May 1st.  This is dreadful family news and shows that Paul and I are cruel, nasty people with no consideration, and that all we care about is money, and that we have no sense of fine family feeling or any clue about how truly upright and moral people live.  Since everybody in the known universe with the exception of my mother and a couple of close friends thinks I’m self-centered and crazy, what’s a little more fuel for the fire?  C’est la vie.

Imagine a company

That has an accident between an aircraft and a truck on the ramp at a major international airport. The accident happened off an active runway while the aircraft was being towed. No idea what happened to the tow truck driver – he should have been disciplined at the very least, because he was going too fast. The tow bar snapped and sheared off the tow pin, then the aircraft (which didn’t have any fuel in it and was therefore light and ‘hoppy’) bounced into the air and came down on the truck in a variation of the ‘jackknife’ accident so well known to Canadian highway drivers. Since Canadians specialize in ‘expensive f*ckups that don’t kill anybody’ nobody was even injured.

Anyway, although I am not going to reproduce them here, out of respect for the lawyers at Air Canada, Paul was able to walk up to where the work was being done and take pictures. The guys are doing beautiful work on the belly skin (and a couple of structural members, alas), getting it fixed up again and back into service, and as they have nothing to be ashamed of I’m glad Paul got pix. I find it interesting that Paul is by no means the only person who’s wandered in there with a digital camera and absolutely no attempt has been made to stop him; he’s wearing the uniform and has the badge, so nobody said a thing.