Yech I really did not need to see that pic

Okay, thanks to the Internet, I now understand the references to the Goatse man.  If you don’t already understand the reference, don’t bother looking it up, and this means YOU, mOm, and if you do get it, you can have a good laugh on me.

ScaryClown emailed me a link to an author about quality.  I burst out laughing when I read the email and replied (enjoying my advanced age for the first time in MONTHS) “Hey, I read that book in 1988.”  Yes, I am referring to the venerable Quality is Free by Philip Crosby, which I read, as I recollect, when I was working at either the law firm or at CDS.  Anyway, it was when God was young and dinosaurs roamed the earth.  It had a very powerful effect on my thinking about how to run a company, and of course I keep finding it in company libraries and in people’s personal collections, and I always laugh when I see it.

It’s like church.  It’s the same message, over and over again.  It’s no surprise that Philip Crosby is a committed Christian, and that his message hums along like a sermon.

Oh, for the purposes of clarity, and to scotch the notion that I’m being sarcastic when I refer to a committed Christian…..  There are committed Christians, and there’s everybody else.  Committed Christians are people who have accepted the yoke of the Lord and make their lives their witness.  They try to love, and they try not to judge.  Everybody else has decided that Christ wears jackboots, and is going to come and kick the shit outta everybody they don’t personally like.  I have yet to meet a Christian who didn’t fall into one of those two categories.  The first kind of Christian I have no issues with.  I’m looking forward to taunting the other kind of Christian in the lake of fire.

As for there being contradictions in the Bible, which really gets my goatse, something bizarre occurred to me recently, and I thought I’d share it.  There are contradictions in my own DNA…. Ain’t nothing whole and perfect, except maybe an idea.

Drinking Song et cet.

I wrote yet another drinking song, which is really funny, and too scurrilous to post publicly now that I found out my minister’s husband will be cruising by. Or maybe he won’t. I’m definitely going to sing it for ScaryClown, seeing as how I wrote it for him.

Anyway, Al called yesterday to say a number of interesting things, one of which is that the homily I delivered yesterday, which caused me more Thrumps than any other one I’ve ever tried to do and which I didn’t finish until two hours before I was supposed to deliver it, is going on the church website as a podcast. Woo, likewise hoo.

He also said that he found the homily to be very personal and that it seemed like I was talking about my breakup with Paul. My mouth hung open like a cattle gate at that point, and I said, ah, well no, I was trying to be more general, and besides, the bulk of that homily got written a year ago, at which point Al, who is not Mr. Tact, said, “Dr. Filk says you and Paul have been breaking up for 25 years.” Ah yes. When I recovered from my initial astonishment, I burst out laughing. If that’s the way other people see it, how I am to argue the point, ‘specially things being how they are.

I’m working on a migraine, so I’m gonna bail, but, unusually, my migraine was not preceded by a week’s worth of thinking the world’s about to end. Nope, I am feeling pretty good; but not TOO good.

Dang, I wish I could post that song. I know that it’s new and really lovable, at least for me, but….. Oh, foo. I’ll just put it in the list with the other “Turn this song into a flash animation” songs. See you on Youtube, under an assumed name!

Garbage Day

Probably a dozen people came up to me after the service and thanked me for a thought provoking homily.  I love having John Hagen as my service co-ordinator – he is really sympatico and he always adds both gravitas and a soupçon of his own goofy charm to the service, which are two modes of being which don’t always meld that well.  I SPECIFICALLY asked for words and music that I know Peggy likes, so there, and I gave away both copies of the sermon that I brought with me and had a couple of people ask to have it emailed.  I will cross post to my sermons section.
I called and spoke briefly to Tammy (she was waiting for her date to show…) and also briefly to Paul, who phoned from Seattle to check in.

I have spent part of this weekend learning to be more accommodating.  If I explained this in any more detail I’d get in trouble, so I’ll just leave it at that.  This may or may have anything to do with my having purchased fifty bucks worth of makeup.  I had been putting it off, but as long as I’m going to be doing standup or otherwise performing, war paint is called for.
The weather is icky, there’s no wind, but it’s raining lightly and continuously.  As promised in my service, I will be changing out of my homily drag shortly and going to the park to pick up garbage.

Love each other while you can!

Ball lightning in the lab

pOp has probably already seen this, but in case he hasn’t….

Ball lightning created in the lab in Brazil.

pOp has a wonderful story about watching a very large sphere of ball lightning travel right down the middle of the Argus he was flying in. He managed to control the urge to touch it, and considering it zorched a damned bit hole in the aircraft, that’s prob’ly a good thing.
Also, proof that the FSM is indeed in us all.

Look for the post entitled FSM DNA

More rime

We had fog and low temperature again last night so the world is covered in a thin slick of ice. Careful on the way in to church this morning…

I will be at Myles of Beans on January 30 – Tuesday coming – to do some standup, believe it or else. Festivities commence at 7:30 pm. I am shuffling together my routine right now. Then next weekend I will deliver my homily about garbage at Beacon (link on blogroll). I’ve already fired off the information for the order of service to the service coordinator so at least that’s looked after. I am SUCH a traditionalist about hymns for my services; I guess it’s to compensate for wanting to play Spiritualized at top volume during the collection. I loved that cd and one of Katie’s friends stole it. Along with just about every other album in the house.

We fed Casey last night after she and Paul went for a walk on the Fraser Foreshore. I was supposed to go to Cindy’s housefilk but Tammy called and two hours went by before we came up for air. I call down the blessings of heaven upon my dear friend Tammy; she consistently listens well and gives good advice (not always easy advice, or welcome! might I hastily add). A good friend is not always an easy one…

Then we went to St. Paul’s Church to see the Vancouver Lesbian and Gay Choir perform their “Heat” concert, which was quite wonderful. They are a non-auditioned choir (can’t get much more inclusive than that) and frankly, they don’t care if you’re straight, either. If I thought I could stand commuting to the practice hall I’d think about non-auditioning; the material was broad enough (show tunes to pop music to madrigals) to be really fun, and it was great to hear “Steam Heat” and a non-hetero version of that old chestnut from Grease, “Summer Nights:. May I particularly commend the accompanist, Dan Lauterbach, who entirely rocks.

I wish I’d thought to bring a cushion. I was in agony for the last half of the concert; it was a relief to have to walk about six blocks back to the car. Also, I’m in prodrome for a migraine; light sensitivity, ptosis and nominal aphasia are the three main symptoms, along with the generalized feeling of dread which always turns out to be chemical as opposed to pointing at a real problem.

I’d better get back to work.

The Gr33ks, they are a crazy bunch

So there’s this bunch of retired academics and all round nutters who want to revive the worship of the ancient Gr33k gods. Okay, I’m jiggy with that. The Gr33k government is not cool with letting them run around millennial monuments with torches and pseudo high priestesses. Sounds about right so far. The Greek Orthodox Church, to which something like 97 percent of the modern Greek population is alleged to adhere, is really not okay with it at all. Okay, NOW I smell either an indie movie or a really hilarious docudrama.

Forgot to mention….

I have written another song!  The drought is over!  And I was working on a country tune this morning but I fell asleep before I could fix it in my brain.  Anyway, the tune I managed to finish is yet ANOTHER Unitarian hum.  Hymn.  WhAtever.  It’s called Ingathering.


The blogroll shows Onelegwest – the proprietor being my beloved worksibling Dave.  The b*st*rd quit!!!  Okay, that’s a little hard on his mom, but it expresses my feelings.  He got a better offer at a place that has acquired about half a dozen staffers over the last couple of years.  He’ll be gone in two weeks and words cannot express how much I am going to miss him, he’s one of the sweetest, smartest, hardest working guys at the company.

May I welcome Lady Miss Banjola

Lady Miss Banjola needs little introduction to my readers. A wonderfully intelligent and only mildly chaotic force for good in the universe, she is a woman of many gifts. I welcome her! I welcome her usefulness and her sarcasm! I welcome her superhero capes! and when I can find a camera whose lens won’t break at the prospect, I’ll take a picture of the one she made me last fall.