Augur Inn, small amount of dancing, glorious family news

Really, I should have eaten something last night; that would have fixed it so I wouldn’t have had to be bear led back to Patricia’s. Must remember to lay down the carbs before the alcohol. You would think at my advanced age…. didn’t stop me from having a good time though.

I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned at the Augur Inn today. Paul drove me and Keith back to my place and now we’re waiting for Katie….

The listing agreement will get signed tomorrow and the sign will go on the lawn then. We’re expecting it to take about 5 days to get on the MLS after the listing is signed and then the weekend after that we’ll have our first open house. We’re putting it on for… well, let’s see what it says when we’ve signed the agreement, don’t want to count my chickens.

Speaking of counting chickens, Keith no longer has to wonder about school. He has been accepted into the Dispensing Optician program of Douglas College and I am so proud I could burst. But I won’t, that would just be gross.

ahem. More messing about in boats, er, computers.

Me and Peggy:

Okay, so I figured out how to post pix but they resize so that I looked like I was a second string member of the Addams Family, (thus the thumbnail) or attempt to take over the blogroll while erasing Peggy from the pic, and I actually have to pound the html code to post the pic, because the little utility bar that lets you post links etc etc has utterly vanished. So although the internet has NOT been particularly helpful about fixing this, I now believe there are a couple of things I need to install before I can get the toolbar back, and I really want somebody holding my hand for the procedure. In the meantime I have a workaround.

Me and Peggy (messed up version):

I gotta wash dishes and get outta here, I owe work some serious hours with all of my messing about with Telus.

Can’t post pix

Interesting… I can’t upload pix anymore. I will ponder this further when I get home tonight. I suspect there is a setting amiss someplace in WordPress that will be relatively trivial… everything else is working great.

As beautiful as this place is, it is also a construction site… more buildings will be going up over time. Fortunately there’s very little work done on weekends and the rest takes place when I should by rights be awake.

It was so good to see Peggy, however briefly. I light a candle for her.

Sheesh, look at the time. Must fly.

More painting w/ prayer

So….Now I have to go back and put second coats of paint on LOTS of cupboards.  My back really hurts, but we’re SO close to being done.

Had a very long and very pleasant (with tense interludes, due to content…) chat with Glenn last night.  I called him at 11:30 and then walked over to see him, and we sat and shot shit until about 1:30 this morning, and then he walked me home.  There are distinct advantages to living and working on campus.

Big hug to my mom who innocently asked on the phone yesterday, “Am I worrying enough?”; I controlled my immediate and unprintable response and said, “Yeah, ’bout enough.”  The unprintable response I will pass over, but, “Sheesh, mom, I’m 48” will cover for the meantime.  PS.  A DVD with the best of LaughIn is now available.

Katie is exhausted.  Shout out to Paul for standing the two of us to a meal yesterday – lunch at Chong Lum Hin.  I gave her 20 bucks for bug spray. 

I have new folks to light candles for.  I light a candle for a certain incarcerated man, and pray for his rehabilitation.  I light a candle for Beacon’s minister Katie Stein Sather, whose father is coming to the end of his long and productive life, and for him and his comfortable passing.  I light a candle for Maggie’s dad and his swift recovery from his surgery. 

And I light a candle for my apartment, which looks like a well behaved grenade went off in it.  Dang!

Snerk.  My clothes are fitting better….. Glenn laughed last night and said, “Isn’t the first thing a woman does when she leaves her husband is drop 20 pounds?”  I have dropped maybe two, but I can live in hope.

more brevity

my mother sez, she sez to me…. speak to me of Dull Peeple and I sez, sez I, I always just figgers they’ve got themselves some of that there Brain Dammidge.

I took an internet break from cleaning and bending and NOW I’m going to go back and paint some more.  Turns out the touch up paint was the WORNG COLLER.  Good thing I didn’t use too much of it.

Tom and Peggy are going to feed me dinner, may they be honoured and blessed. (And I will pick up the salmon, if I remember!)   I light a candle for Tammy, how good to hear her voice this morning!  and for the bus driver this morning, who was expecting to have today off and had to work instead.  I know the feeling…

more paint at the Augur Inn

Robby the Bomb gave me a ride back to the Augur Inn last night and picked up the kindergarten table and chairs which my Granny gave to my parents back when I was a wee tad.  It was odd to be giving furniture that has been in my family for 45 years to somebody else, but Robby (and his amazing wife Char) have been most excellently good to me and my family for many years, and they have two soon to be school aged children – and he said they’d bring it back for my grandkids, ha ha, so I felt pretty happy about that.

I painted trim and doors and carried garbage downstairs and cleaned the upstairs bathroom until I ran out of tile cleaner. Keith said he was really upset about all the changes – he only just came to this realization and it’s making him feel very odd and displaced.

Tonight, Dinner at Tom and Peggy’s.  I may pick up a couple of the frozen salmon and bring them back here: Paul can have the rest as he still has the barbeque.

Paul moved into his apartment yesterday. 

More cleaning

Yesterday I got to the Augur Inn, where I a) returned the penultimate Strangers in Paradise, b) cleaned the downstairs bathroom, removing paint spatters and glue which had been there since we moved in, cleaning the door, and putting the light fixture back up so that all that remains is scrubbing the floor and painting the door c) cleaned the railings in the deck, d) rewashed some windows, e) ran the loveseat cover Janice got through the laundry and hung it to dry as Zeek! bled all over it, f) started detailing the downstairs kitchen, g) scrubbed out the laundry room sink some more (it isn’t done), h) washed the exterior of the windows in the garage.  Partway through my day Katie took me out for breakfast.  It was yummy, and you can get steak and eggs at the Big 6 for $6.35.

About 3:30 I bailed and Paul drove me to the liquor store and I picked up beer, wine and vodka (the only mix I have is orange juice….) and helped me in with MORE boxes and some pictures (I left them in the garage) and then I spent a lovely four hours with Gail, Jerome’s mum, who’s a simply fascinating woman who has raised three simply splendid children, and whose brother Bruce wrote that Vancouver Map Book (before there were computers).  This is a book which shows what Vancouver looked like in ten year increments and which lived next to my bed from the time I got it to the time I moved (of course I can’t find it, but I will when I’ve finished unpacking…)


Then I unpacked my new vacuum cleaner and I LOVE it. It’s a new Hoover canister and it does everything a vacuum cleaner should do and there’s only two attachments and it looks like a bug eyed alien and is bright orange. I vacuumed my apartment (well, not the bedroom, the bedroom is a disaster still) but the rest.

This morning I got up and washed the pot and pans I got at Ikea and made myself coffee and breakfast, and now I’m going to figure out when the first bus comes and then go over to the Augur Inn.  Katie was going to take me to see Spiderman and Keith and Paul invited themselves along but that’s okay….

The weather has clouded over.  There are many, many birds here,  I could birdwatch all day.  This morning I watched a hawk kill something.

Burnt and his new bride are probably honeymooning somewhere.  I will get a full report on the wedding from LTGW on Monday, or so I hope.  Men never remember the details women want to hear, unless they’re gay or making a heroic effort.

I have started reading Master and Commander.  Stephen Maturin’s comments about thinking he was gonna die are very funny, and Jack Aubrey is the most admirable mixture of low cunning, high spirits and cluelessness that ever walked on the foredeck of any ship, real or imagined.  Sigh,  I can hardly wait for Pirates of the Caribbean III.

Paul has made revisions to the separation agreement (as have I) which I have not yet seen.  He says he’s not putting the house on the market until the separation agreement is chopped, and also I shouldn’t have moved out because it’s costing a lot of money.

Uh…. I wasn’t thinking about money when I moved out. I was thinking about my sanity.  I had a little hiatus there while I didn’t do much, but that had as much to do with the unbelievable YogSuggothian hor-ror of work as any other emotional background noise, and I was still going back to the house to clean rather more than I want to, because I am actually serious about getting the house sold.

I already know what’s going to happen.  Paul will stall until the house selling season is over, then move back into the basement and rent the upstairs.  He can do what he likes.  I still own half the house and when the time comes to renegotiate the mortgage, he can buy me out and experience the joy of doubling the size of the mortgage on one income with a renter who may or may not work out.  Even if housing prices plummet I will still be free.  This is why I find what Paul’s doing so amusing.  He keeps talking about money. He never talks about the emotional stuff, only about the inconvenience, and how the house which he spent many many hours complaining about has now majickally turned into a haven.  I already got what I wanted.  I have contemplated how I would feel if I lost every penny on the house.  I would be plenty cheesed, but you know, life goes on.  My spiritual advisor has lost just about everything, twice, in the last ten years, and all it’s done is make him a better person with a clearer understanding of what’s important.  I should be so lucky as to have life events that did that for me!

I want to sell the house and get the best buck possible not because I am a raving acquisitive bitch, but because I want to have the wherewithal to help my children.    Happy Mother’s Day, everybody.

More cleaning

I am off to the Augur Inn for more cleaning, and then a visit with Gail.  Hope everybody has a great day – the weather is simply glorious.  Which means, of course, that the chances are very good that I will be sitting on the administrative side of a table in a reception center after the Fraser floods….  Pray that it cools down and doesn’t rain too much….. or that we just get lucky.  The disaster planners are thinking about numbers that are just mind croggling.

Talking and cleaning

I’m having Jerome’s mum over for tea tomorrow and I’m finding that it’s NOT WORKING as a motivator for cleaning.  I’m cleaning, very slowly, and I am not motivated.

Also, I keep thinking that I’m paying for unlimited phone calls so why not go for it?  I called Phil, and we had a lovely long chat.

Fridge contents

Are now milk, orange juice, one burrito and 13 beers (please note, the beers are preparatory for beers on Friday at my place – I hadn’t actually planned to consume them all). Cleaned Dr. Filk’s old apartment last night for two hours. Paul gave me a lift and helped haul groceries, which I appreciate.

Dan P and Dan T were both there working. For those of you familiar with ‘the dungeon’ most of the upholstered walls are now gone.

I actually ate a healthy breakfast this morning! Organic crunchy peanut butter and organic whole wheat bread.

Seared catfish at the work cafeteria today. That new cook is something else. I love the work cafeteria. They don’t even blink if I’m into them for $75 (and they know I’m good for it.)

First call on the new phone line last night, to the folks. Thanks much for the material and moral support, ’tis appreciated. You will be amused to note, after our conversation, that the first living thing I saw this morning that wasn’t human was a coyote, a young one, trotting along the edge of the parking lot south of my apartment.



I have moved in and spent the night in the new place – and I slept from 11:30 until 6:45.  My fridge contains one burrito and 7 beers.  I intend to improve upon this situation, expexially with respect to the beers, later today.  Okay, maybe some vegetables.  They will look lonely in that fridge, though.  There’s a nice big freezer in the fridge. 

Cleaning has commenced in Dr. Filk’s old suite.  

I have lots of other news, but nothing for public consumption. 


Odd experience

I have blogged at other times about pornography, and have mentioned in my self description that I am a pro porn feminist. Last night I had the opportunity to view some Czech ‘home-made’ porn from a co-op swingers club where the members raise money for the club by selling home made porn (made on-site), which seems quite amusingly recursive.

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Painting, cleaning, laundry

My chest cold is now to the point where I am rarely coughing – I’d like to thank my poor beleaguered immune system. I still need a good swift slug of DM-D-E to get to sleep and still wake up coughing, but hell, wakeytime was 5 am today and that is really an improvement over nights past.

I painted three of the sills in the plant room (the side by side comparisons with the old ones are quite humorous) and have started a list of stuff to go on (thanks Brother Jim!) and craigslist. I finally managed to subscribe to freecycle, so I’m happy about that too; the last time for the life of me I could not get my password to work and whoever the moderator was turned out to be friendly but not helpful. I have also done my laundry, the touchup paint in the bathroom, vacuumed out the plant room (holy COW it was disgusting) and walked around the house making a list of stuff I can actually do with my back bein’ the way it is and all. Oh, and I read the Serenity comeeks Dax bought Katie (!?).

Kate spent 250 dollars on a ring for Daxus’ 20th birthday. This news will be met by cascades of disgust and disbelief, I’m sure. I justabout threw up when I heard it. It certainly hasn’t changed his attitude towards life, the universe, and being an adult.

I will be calling movers today and finalizing the moving date based on their input… despite my scads of moving karma from when I was living in Toronto, it turns out that I don’t have much here (at least in terms of putting together a truck) and I thought about it and … you know, this is going to be a relatively fast and easy move anyway. I will only have about ten sticks of furniture, a couple of awkward parcels (pictures, hangings, bags o clothes) and the rest is all banker boxes, which make for super easy moving. So I’m going to outsource and then if folks want to volunteer to help me unpack, I’ll go for that.

Katie found the clothes Janice put in the garage. I don’t think she’s ever going to forgive either her dad or Janice for cleaning out her room without bothering to pick up the phone and call her first. When she said that she would rather that Dr. Filk had cleaned out her room (as if….) I knew she was choked.
I am investigating my new computer. I had really good luck with and Katie’s phone (thanks Brother Jim!) so I’m thinking…. put the bait on the hook and get a monster gaming computer. And then I’m thinking. Two fans. Do you really want to be listening to TWO fans? I’m also thinking about a big screen TV, but I’m also thinking… hey, I NEVER watch DVD’s when I’m by myself! Watching stuff is a social activity for me, strangely enough, so unless I want to be looking at a thousand bucks I only use when company’s over, maybe I should pass and keep my recently bumped up credit card in my pocket. It would make more sense to get a decent stereo.
I’ve mentioned Brother Jim twice, and I should post the pix he sent to me … suiting up in a bombproof suit! That’s where he’s working now, a company that makes bombproof suits. I want to ‘shop the last one and title it, Ready for Another Day of Work in Customer Support.

The Dandy Warhols are coming. Oy. I should phone Doug and LE and try to make a date. There will be life after Paul, and it will be interesting.

Keith has entirely fallen in love with the oeuvre of Patrick O’Brien, and why not? He’s an amazing writer.