Tetris made of people

Quite literally, what it says.

It’s snowing again. 

Daughter Katie’s coming over this afternoon and We Will, We Will Deadwood.  Hopefully the transit system is up to the task of getting her here.

I found a hilarious critique of Libertarianism on line.

Last night I dreamed I was back in the High Park area of Toronto.  I guess I’m sick of looking at stucco houses.  I miss many things about Toronto; I miss seeing the CN Tower and I miss a lot of the friends I have there (Tammy, Catherine, Dave, Jan and others).  I miss Kensington Market the way it was, I miss the colour of Lake Ontario on a windy fall day, I miss being able to ice skate outside in the wintertime.

Sometimes I wish I could live in three places at once, because there are things I miss about Montreal too.  I miss the Dorval circle and the absolutely craziness of the town when the festivals like the Jazz festival and Just For Laughs were on; I miss how people dress with more style and drive with more verve (and frankly, consistently better than the unwashed hordes of incompetents who adorn the roads in Vancouver); I miss being able to hear Inuktitut spoken in the street; I miss skating in La Centre de la Nature in Laval, the best outdoor skating venue in Canada; I miss the wild variety of the weather, even.

Cross post from LJ

Spent the evening with Kopper and was in such an exalted state upon my return to my apartment that I couldn’t sleep.  Do you suppose the exercise helped?  Maybe it was the second dinner?

I composed a six minute comedy routine, recited it thrice through and spoke it into my digital recorder. All hail Lady Miss Banjola for reminding me I had one.  Then I woke up with two bizarre things going on simultaneously in my cranium; I woke up dreaming that Mike was crossing from dream life into real life with me as I awoke (I was in full combat gear, and he was in civvies, carrying a package). I was point and as I came around I was going to let him have it with this extremely fine weapon I was carrying and he just grinned and said, “You won’t need that.”

At the same time a really pretty chorus was ringing in my head.  In four part harmony.  I mean ringing.  I couldn’t get out of bed until I’d memorized it, and now I’m going to sing it into Garage Band, much to the disgust of my neighbours as I imagine.

That was a hell of a talk, girl.

Later…. This helped too.

Great party

Katie K and I had a lovely time at the party, and while we were not technically the last revellers out the door, we did just about close it.  Thanks to the company providing taxi chits (!!??) we got home in decent time, too; I cleared the door at 12:21 this morning.  I danced in high heels and now feel much as expected.
Last night I dreamed that I was a human motorboat, and I could zoom around these amazing crumbling islands full of nesting seabirds at about warp factor five while dolphins and other human motorboats tried to keep up with me.  The worst part was not being able to see where I was going (I could only see where I’d been) but I managed not to hit anything. I suspect this has something to do with my trip to Saona Island.  Happy sigh.

Zombie dream

As I am being chased (with no partic’lar sense of urgency) up and down a corridor, which is always like a corridor in an apartment I used to live in, being crooked and with doors coming off at odd angles, I’m thinking, “and just the other night I commented to Katie K that I haven’t had a nightmare in years”.  Moments later I’m awake thinking, “My God, those were the SLOWest moving zombies I’ve ever seen!”

Happy Halloween!

I’m wearing a black widow outfit (self-assembled) to the office.  Let’s see if I can survive the boot madness.  I hate those boots, but they are the only vaguely fetish-y ones that I have.

Last night I dreamed

That my coworker RobofNine and I were uh, affected by a tornado which came ripping down 6th Ave in New Westminster.  I got hauled into the air, got a severe case of the whirlies along with getting wet and ass-freezing cold, and then got spat out onto the roof of a 12 storey building, deaf, ‘winded’ and scared out of my mind.  I leaned over the side of the building to get my bearings and watched Rob casually move his car out of the way of the debris.  That bastard always keeps his cool!

This morning I woke up from a dream….

with the following words ringing in my ears, “Get away from that data set, you cosmic freak!”  I was yelling it at somebody, but I have no idea who.
In other news, I am well rested.  Date went fine; we’ll probably be getting together again sometime in the next couple of weeks to go kayaking, or somesuch.  The weather will have to get better.  In October?  We can hope.

CAN car messenjah, Penny partay, enough sleep.

So I agreed to take the billing info from the two cars up here on the hill into the folks at CAN each month, and I’ve been so busy dating I hadn’t done it until last night.  I gave Katie K a call and she met up with me and we did the wanderaround together, which is way more fun than wandering around alone, and I got beer at the Granville station and she mentioned that there is a get together of a bunch of her relations and friends at the Penny on Hastings, so we hit that just as the mob was leaving and ate really superlative greasy spoon Chinese food.  Then we came back here and crashed like a British paratrooper (extremely poor taste reference) since between her recent dental surgery and my white nights we were just this side of exhausted.  I actually got enough sleep last night which is amazing – I’ve been experiencing a lot of sleep deprivation.

Last night I dreamed that I was a man wearing a robe and I had to scold a girl about 6 years old for abandoning her post. (She was playing with another little girl instead of listening to a monitoring device.) I was so angry I turned away from her so I wouldn’t immediately start yelling, and she obligingly got up and stood in front of me so I could start my tirade. Then I woke up.

Katie K says she dreamed that she kept trying to introduce me to myself and I kept saying that I wasn’t interested.

Those two dreams taken side by side are pretty funny, especially in Jungian terms.  I must go away and think about them.

Nurd Gurl goes POSTAL MEDIA

So all together, film fans!!!  If you ever see me use this expression – “Masterpiece of Narrative Subversion please know that I mean this movie makes no $#%$ing sense.  I mean, I enjoyed Aqua Teen Hunger Force because it contains one of the most hilarious appeals to the audience I’ve ever viewed (warning, screener), but otherwise the movie’s a cataclysm of pointlessness.  On the other hand, part of refining one’s taste is being exposed to oddball stuff once in a while, which this definitely was.  Any movie which was quite popular and yet has no plot synopsis on imdb…. Warning Will Robinson, indeed, kids.  I enjoyed it, but more along the cultural artifact lines,  There were some very snappy one liners.
Much more enjoyable – the three episodes of Venture Brothers, which is a hipper than thou Jonny Quest.  The Scooby Doo parody was pure evil.  I heart Brock Samson, voiced by clean green actor Patrick Warburton.
Add pizza and beer to a date which included the foregoing and I had a very pleasant evening.  After my ride home (and thank god, it was POURING bloody rain), I dreamed that somebody I’ve wanted to have sex with for about ten years jumped on me, and I said, “Jeez, I’d love to, but we can’t because of ” here insert extremely rational, sane, non-dreamlike reason.  Then we put our clothes back on.  I’m consoling myself that at least I got to see him naked.  GRRRRRR.  This thing inside my skull that wants me to be a better person is now in my dreams as well!!!! I demand a neuronal recount.

Much thanks to Cousin Gerald, who found this piclink for me.  I entitle it “Luckier than the Average Bear”.

All this and alcohol too.

And now for something completely different….

Annie Liebowitz is a genius.

three dreams and a sadness

Having a fever gives you spooky dreams – in my case I had three marvellous, technicolor dreams, loaded with symbolism and humour.

1. I am standing on a stage in a tight white light, singing a U2 song a capella in three part harmony with Jim E and Brian C. All of a sudden Jim E and I quit singing and starting looking around wildly. Without our having seen or noticed, Brian C has grabbed a stage rope and slid up into the rafters. After a minute we hear him killing himself laughing and as swiftly as he disappeared he reappears on stage and we resume our song.

2. I am with a bunch of friends (which includes Mike M and there may have been others but I don’t remember) visiting a Cosplay Superstore in Northern Ontario. (Note, there was a Cosplay/Anime convention here on the weekend and it got downright visual around these parts). I say to the incredibly fruity, over the top, fetish laden and IMMENSE German guy who runs the place why Northern Ontario and he doesn’t answer me, but he says you can find us on the internet at www.pauuuuuuuuunch.com and don’t forget the umlauts over the u’s. I leave the rooms full of costumes (which are JAMMED with people) after looking longingly at the hippo costume (there’s a mother and baby hippo ensemble which is beyond words cyuuute) and find a room with really tall windows and very beautiful drapes, which have floral patterns. There’s a steady breeze blowing in and I play with the drapes for a while, flapping them around. Eventually Mike M loops back and picks me up – he has an immense bag of purchases and looks quite pleased.

3. I am cleaning up a bunch of potsherds and dirt, trying to recover what is useful, and I find a magic seedling. I take it to a friend who has since moved to the States (LJ) to ask her for her advice about repotting it, which she helps me with.

All in all a splendid way to pass a night.

Jim E’s dog Lucy has gone to Doggie Heaven. Life is full of transitions and the sad ones are part of it. I light a candle for him.