More and more convinced

That I’ve already had the virus. Since I don’t know if I’m still shedding, I’m staying indoors anyway. I do feel physically better than I did last week in almost every way, although psychologically…. I mean people looking at Hitler couldn’t believe him, because he was so outside the norm of politicians, and now I’m pretty much the same with the Orange Twitler. My disbelief keeps hanging me up. I want to wake up. There is no waking up. There is only living through this.

Nathan Vincent’s ‘Manly Doilies’ (there are others, have fun)


Helen Branswell, one of my twitter gurus since Ebola (she’s Canadian, makes sense, lives in Boston, good science writer) has a thing or two to say.

I hope that the health care workers get more PPE soon.

I have a horrible horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach, that this time next year most of the disabled people I follow on twitter will be dead and I’m pre-crazy with grief about it because they’ve taught me so much and I’ve only made donations to a couple of them.

I did donate to anti COVID efforts on the DTES yesterday.

In other news, snitch-taggery rhymes with douche-baggery.

England is changing who is being assigned as cause of  death coronavirus on the basis of three of the flimsiest reasons


my email of today to some fuckwit at Kent State U whose name I shall redact. It is a variation on the modern standard: Were you FUCKING HIGH??


Are YOU the dean who sent out an email this week…..

demanding that your staff ACCELERATE THEIR RESEARCH during a pandemic which has forced every academic into distance learning?
If so, I would like you to tell me what you’ve been prescribed that makes you so disconnected from reality. I would like to provide the name of the drug, or drugs, to my physician, as damn, they seem to be working well.
If not, perhaps you can pass the message along to senior officers of the university that demands like that are ludicrous, insensitive, unrealistic and are NOT going to look good on anyone’s academic resumé.
Yours truly,
Allegra Sloman
Vancouver Canada
Tom Humberstone drew this for The Nib this past week:


today’s status

Image result for images pink fairy armadillo

But first, a pink fairy armadillo

Virtually everyone in my novels is suffering from a major mental illness, I only just realized that now, and alien hero George veers between coldly civil rationality/urbanity, and florid, bug-eyed, narcissistic, consensus-reality-evasion.

Well, he didn’t start off knowing that his bug-eyed crazy mother had DRUGGED HIM and his mate-to-be, to sequester them so they couldn’t breed with anyone else. Or that he had two occult siblings living inside him, only one of whom he could actually communicate with, and that poorly. And he went wackdoodle IN SPACE when they left him; and then his mate shoved him out the airlock in the equivalent of a rhinohide drop ship with a gumwad for a parachute.


Processed using calibrated polarized near-infrared (CB2, MT2) filtered images of Saturn taken by Cassini on November 17 2012.

NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI/CICLOPS/Kevin M. Gill from twitter today


shift start

one of the people I follow on twitter just posted that her ER nursing shift in a major American city (she doesn’t specify)  started with three COVID-19 cardiac arrests (deaths)

The great dying has started.

allocation of resources in a time of plague

which inevitably looks like eugenics – disability twitter is watching the approach of death with narrowed eyes and one last curse for the Republicans

In Florida alone half a million will be sick by the end of April. Guns, crappy info from Fox and worse info from Trump will make it all incredibly worse and no help is coming.

No help is coming. The Americans who aren’t in the health care system already as workers don’t know that. There’s not enough supplies.

It all started with Reagan.

Remember on his watch it was okay to let thousands of Americans die of HIV.

In Canada we’re going to have the same issue, but it will take longer because we’re a bigger country relative to our population, but eventually almost everyone will get sick. Yes, Canada’s working on a vaccine. Yes, I bless the people who have already volunteered for vaccinations. But no, we’ve got a year of hell in front of us.

I have a very mild fever again, like I did a couple of days ago, and my eyes feel sandy. No breathing problems at all, no congestion; could still be allergies, could be a mild case.  I’m no longer leaving the house; Jeff has to for work, although not much.

In after times will people be angry with me that I wanted to catch it early in the outbreak? I want to be immune so I can actually help people instead of being stuck in my fucking house.

Mike gets out of quarantine next Monday.

As I suspected they will be using SOAP Hall (Beacon rental location) as a place to stage the sick for RCH before they need intubation or supplemental oxygen.

Prince Chuck has caught it but if he’s like the rest of Royal Family he’s got the fucking immune system of a water buffalo and will sail through it.


and I’m still writing fanfic. There are hugs and possibilities and smooches and complications.

Craig Spencer MD

From his twitter today. He’s the Director of Global Health in Emergency Medicine at Columbia Medical Centre in NYC. He’s also survived Ebola – he caught it in the field, helping people. This guy knows his shit about infectious disease.

When your shift ends, you sign out to the oncoming team. It’s all #COVIDー19. Over the past week, we’ve all learned the signs – low oxygen, lymphopenia, elevated D-dimer. You share concerns of friends throughout the city without PPE. Hospitals running out of ventilators.

Elevated D-dimer is a new clinical symptom, to me, but it’s a really gross & telling one one. It shows up in venous thromboembolism, ARDS and cancer. You have to be genuinely sick like you’ll die without intervention for D-dimer to be high.


Flatten the Curve song



China was in lockdown at 700, so on the basis of the math, we got between ten and twenty thousand people wandering around infected and not knowing it.

I think when we look back, Dr. Henry’s calm is going to look like murderous bullshit. We haven’t stopped public gatherings; Burnaby hasn’t declared an emergency.

Jeff and I remain fine and without symptoms.

As do the kids, Alex, Paul, Tom and Peggy, and Cindy, and Mike.

I’m getting off the internet now….


I got to see Mike yesterday

He gave me nitrile gloves and I gave him a little smidge of pot. It’s always so irritating when pot’s legal at both ends of a journey but you can’t take it in the middle because the American Federal Government is such a hosebag.

But for the rest of it, social distancing. He was leaning up against the Mustang and I’m like…. honestly I thought about our trip to the interior, the winding roads and the soaring mountains and the top down and I thought, miserably, that it will be years before we can do such a thing again.

Made scones yesterday, using the last of the raspberries.

Now to make coffee, since I feel like it.


Mask pattern & Instructions.

Finally! I know what to do with my fabric scraps!!

Plague Year diary March 18

Mike, safely home with my earnest thankfulness, will not be returning to Denver before the end of this year. My relief is great. He is now in the second day of his quarantine; he transferred a simply whacking amount of cash into my account from which I will draw money for his groceries and, er, other consumables, which I will then purchase and leave outside his door.

What a life.

’emergencies’ are being declared from Malaysia to Slovenia to Australia.

Gen Xers are fighting with their parents to stay the fuck home, and they’re being ignored, as the Boomer parents drive all over hells half acre and do whatever they want because the coronavirus is a big hoax, you know.

Not being able to understand the implications of exponential math is kind of a drag, eh wot?

The kids are both still working; they don’t deal with the public.

Alex’s school is now closed; the daycare, apparently, is still open. I am still without symptoms and thus prepared to step into the childcare breach.

what I’ve learned so far and what I’m betting

re COVID-19 @ home recovery.

For your own sanity, try to recover at home if you can. If your oxygenation consistently goes under 88 and your pulse is consistently high (over 100 and staying there) and you feel chest tightness or you’re gasping, you probably need oxygen and you may need to be intubated. Intubation keeps people alive but it’s not free of risks or various kinds of cross contamination. The good thing about it is that by the time you need it you’re in no fucking shape to argue about it, so stay salty.

I’d advise you to read trip reports of people your age who’ve survived it. Read up on advice not to use ibuprofen or corticosteroids. Perform deep chest coughs – instructions earlier this week on this blog. Rest prone as much as you can (From the wikipedia article on ARDS, which along with organ failure is what’s killing people). Drink zero alcohol. Don’t drink too much water <– this is counterintuitive but is supported by science see that same article)  Don’t move except for hygiene and to turn in bed. Symptomatically relieve cough. Thump your back to bring up sputum and get rid of it, don’t swallow it.
Even a mild case will knock you on your ass for two weeks & people who’ve recovered say there’s often a marked rise in how well you feel at around the 7 day mark, during which you will overdo it, and then collapse back down with worse breathing than previously. You need to relax & release your inner sloth and do everything you can to help yourself breathe and not move. Even if you’re feeling better, don’t, you can cough yourself into a situation where your fragile lungs scar worse. So don’t move except the moving you have to do to prevent bedsores and clots and to pee.
TAKE YOUR SWEET ASS TIME RECOVERING. The recovering will need sanatoriums that help people get as much of their lung health back as possible. Post viral conditions will be real and will be spread across all age groups. If you get sick, rest and recuperate a LONG while; don’t make plans to do anything until at least two weeks after the last day you run a temperature and longer if you’re still testing positive.